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in a few hours joe biden and donald trump will go through one of the most important forks in their fates, and some of them will have to make decisions that will affect the lives of millions americans. after the votes have been counted, both candidates can contest the election if they are not satisfied with the results. but most likely it will be donald trump who will do this, because this is his constant position: he refuses to admit the very possibility of his defeat.

both candidates represent the highest echelon of the economic and political elite: industrialists, representatives of big business and bankers, as well as digital giants and the huge pharmaceutical industry. before the elections, the upper echelon is divided into two camps. part of the elite is ready to go for radicalization, even resorting to fascist methods, against the demands of the people.

four years ago, the media "sold" the image of donald trump, portraying him as an outsider in the washington power structure, who came into it to oust compromised professional politicians from the political arena. but not only that helped him. an english digital technology company called cambridge analytics first influenced the brexit vote and then backed donald trump's campaign.

under the terms of an agreement with facebook, in the united states, cambridge analytics was able to use information from 50 million user profiles and conducted the first large-scale digital experiment to influence the american electorate. the company divided the americans in advance according to the psychological state and political behavior, as they consistently sent them logically related messages. it is not entirely clear what role russia played, but the person responsible for investigating its role, special prosecutor robert mueller, resigned in 2019, without proving anything.

but mark zuckerberg barely got out of the scandal in which facebook found himself, because of his illegal actions. this story cost the facebook creator millions of dollars.

of course, four years ago, in the confrontation with hillary clinton, donald trump was most affected by the collapse of the economic hopes that the americans had fueled during the eight-year presidency of president obama. that reign itself ended in failure. despite the fact that the republican won by a small margin, the americans did not see a way out of this situation in hillary clinton's speeches. even though she won by the number of individual votes cast for her, donald trump became president because during the campaign he paid special attention to those states that provided the largest number of votes in the electoral college - the body that formally elects the president of the united states.

this procedure has hardly changed. now, in anticipation of counting the 50 million ballots received in the mail in early voting, republicans and democrats will fight for every vote, for every tick. even with the smallest scandals, the case can be reached to the supreme court, in which the balance of power is in favor of the republicans. and it will still be flowers. the berries will start if donald trump and joe biden can't resist the temptation to declare themselves the winner - each at his own headquarters - on the same night on tuesday, november 3rd.

if the actions of the republicans are crowned with success, and their candidate is declared president, without receiving a majority of the votes officially cast in various ways, then this will be a real ultra-right coup. in order to consolidate their success in the electoral system of the united states, the ultra-right will inevitably be forced to move on to a real coup d'état. and this will end with the abolition of the basic laws of the country. this, in turn, will lead to a war of different groups within society: on the one hand, white anglo-saxons will be mobilized, and on the other, other ethnic groups will be mobilized, among which latin americans, african americans and representatives of the country's indigenous peoples will dominate.

in this new situation, there will be plenty of opportunities for new people to enter politics. but alas, the popular movements of us citizens tend to be ineffective and fragmented, as the rising majority organizer ash-lee woodard henderson confirms in a stunning interview with our newspaper.

the reason for this passivity is that there are practically no slogans of the democratic party that would reflect the demands of real popular movements. as it did four years ago, the party, using undemocratic maneuvers, has once again removed candidate bernie sanders, the only strong leader popular with young people and middle- and lower-middle-class voters, from the game.

however, you can be absolutely sure of something else. if the electoral coup does succeed, the situation is likely to become more open, not only will there be more risks, but opportunities for the poor will significantly expand. within the confrontation between the two candidates, even after the official election day, popular demands and projects - all these initiatives will have a much better chance of being considered.

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