full protection of the car and driver from force majeure. is it possible? tells hotline.finance

buying compulsory insurance and passing it annually does not guarantee the driver complete confidence on the road. predicting force majeure and being able to get out of trouble dry is not so difficult if you know about the new product from hotline.finance. aggregator of insurance and financial products announced the sale of an assistance card. with it, car owners can count on any help, be it fuel delivery or evacuation, 24/7.

what is an assistance card and what does it do?

hotline assistance is a 24-hour driver assistance service. that is, if an emergency occurs with a car, you have the right to contact the company and they will solve the problem for you as quickly as possible. this includes options: fuel delivery, technical assistance, wheel change, evacuation, emergency door opening, etc. it is interesting that assistance is assigned to the car, and not to the owner of the car, and acts regardless of who was at the time of the force majeure. currently there are three cards hotline assistance . conventionally: standard, extended and extended + europe. packages differ in the number of services and coverage limit. by the way, the limit reaches uah 25,000. in the third option, motorists are offered coverage even abroad. and this is beneficial if you often travel to europe on your own transport. as in the case of ctp insurance, the card is valid for 1 year from the date of activation.

why is it beneficial?

standard vehicle maintenance is getting more expensive every year. and from an ordinary means of transportation, a car turns into a luxury. any trouble on the road can cause a lot of trouble, both moral and financial. hotline assistance is beneficial because:
  • the price of the budget version of the card is from uah 315, while a one-time call for a tow truck in kiev will cost from uah 400;
  • assistance is provided throughout the territory of ukraine, regardless of whether it is the capital or the regional center;
  • the virtual card is stored in the smartphone and saved in a personal account on the site. you will never lose it or forget it at home.

how to apply for hotline assistance

being an active representative of the digitalization world, hotline.finance has made a bet on user comfort this time. the card can be issued online on the website. you will have to perform two actions: specify the car data and make a payment. the map is sent in pdf format to the specified email. we remind you that online car insurance, travel policy, green card and even property insurance are available on hotline.finance.
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