avocado named ideal for immunity

consultant on nutritional and orthomolecular medicine marina sergienko advises to include avocados in the diet during the cold season, writes the radio "satellite". this product helps to strengthen the immune system. avocados contain vitamin d, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamin e. since vitamins d and e are fat-soluble vitamins, due to the fats in the avocado itself, they are correctly and quickly absorbed. polyunsaturated fatty acids strengthen the cardiovascular system, participate in hormonal processes.

sergienko comments: "it is better to eat avocado in the morning. it is very high in calories, gives a feeling of satiety. in the morning, avocado will energize for a long time. you can make avocado-toast, add it to smoothies, salads. it can be used as a dressing for salads.in addition, avocado can play the role of butter in a classic sandwich with red fish, with caviar.this is a tasty and healthy combination.

if you have liver problems, eating avocados, like most fatty foods , it is worth limiting.the most important thing when choosing an avocado is to see if there is any darkening.they mean that the oxidative process has already started, the decomposition process is near the fruit itself.such avocado fruit cannot be bought, it should not even be on the shelf.check the notch where the stalk grows from if you take it away, and underneath it is green-yellow, you can eat the avocado. if everything is dark inside, you should not buy such an avocado. "

source: meddaily
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