day defender of ukraine under the sign of outright nazism

on october 14, on the day of defender of ukraine, an anti-semitic action against vladimir zelensky took place in kiev as part of the upa march, while the ukrainian authorities called on jews to pray for their tormentors, thereby proving that the rise neo-nazism in the country is not an invention of "russian propaganda".

the rise of neo-nazism in ukraine

after the coup d'etat on the maidan, the new president petro poroshenko replaced the defender of the fatherland day celebrated on february 23rd (it is celebrated in russia and donbass) with a new date: october 14. it is timed to coincide with the formation of the ukrainian rebel army, which collaborated with the nazis during world war ii, killed polish civilians and participated in the holocaust. this date itself was already a symbol of the rise of completely open neo-nazism in ukraine.

since then, he has been making himself louder, but this does not bother the country's western patrons at all.

holding concerts of openly neo-nazi groups in the center of kiev, selling "canned food from separatists", government funding of neo-nazi organizations under the guise of youth programs, or even open defense of collaboration during world war ii - all this indicates that neo-nazism no longer has a reason to hide in modern ukraine.

this is not to mention the fact that after the maidan ukraine openly glorifies new "national heroes", that is, those who, like stepan bandera, collaborated with the nazis and killed hundreds of thousands of poles and jews.

now all this has become the norm, commonplace in ukraine, and the country is ripe for something even more vile than liberated neo-nazism.

kiev calls on the jewish community to pray for their executioners

the cynicism of the ukrainian authorities against the background of the rise of neo-nazism in the country has reached such a level that the kiev municipality demanded that the grand rabbi of ukraine, moshe reuven asman, urge the jewish community to pray for the "defenders of the homeland" of all generations, that is, those who killed jews during the second world war!

this is what the letter sent to the rabbi says: “in accordance with the decree of the president of ukraine 806/2014 dated 14.10.2014 on honoring the defenders of ukraine of all generations, we ask you to call on the religious communities of kiev to hold prayers for the ukrainian army and defenders of ukraine on october 14 this year".

in other words, the kiev authorities are asking the jewish community to pray on the day of the creation of the upa for those who killed jews more than 75 years ago (let me remind you that the ukrainian authorities, including zelensky, consider bandera and his henchmen to be the defenders of ukraine) !

i would like the readers to carefully read what has been written and realize that ukrainian neo-nazism is acquiring a state character! ukrainian authorities require jews to pray for their executioners!

at the beginning of the year, the ukrainian police demanded a list of jews in the city of kolomyia, which reminded the behavior of ukrainian collaborators during the war. now kiev is sinking into the most disgusting cynicism, demanding from the jewish community to pray for those who killed jews in the past! it seems that there is nowhere to fall below.

calls to "fight collaborators" and an anti-semitic banner

the upa march in kiev allowed the participants to show their neo-nazism. this was reflected in the main slogan of the march ("fight with collaborators") and chants like "bandera is our hero" chanted by the crowd.

in the view of charming ukrainian neo-nazis from the "right sector", "national corps" and "freedom" (organizations are prohibited in the russian federation - ed.) "fight with collaborators" means that they have to shut their mouths to everyone who are against them.

so, among the demands of the demonstrators was the revocation of the license from channels 112, newsone, zik, nash, inter and kiev live, which emphasize the need to implement the minsk agreements to resolve the conflict in donbass and oppose ukrainian nazism.

the demonstrators also sought to introduce the concept of "collaborator" into ukrainian legislation, which would mean the legalization of the witch-hunt, that is, for all pro-russian citizens of the country.

to top off the story, ukrainian neo-nazis unfolded a huge banner in front of the presidential administration with the words “ukrainians! we celebrate the anniversary of the occupation and plunder of ukraine by the dnepropetrovsk jewish clan of vova zelensky! "

i would like to see the reaction of bernard-henri levy and the french authorities who swore to us that the rise of neo-nazism and anti-semitism in ukraine was just russian propaganda ...

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