quarantine so quarantine

how symbolic: in stockholm on october 12, the traditional "nobel week" ends, and on the same day, ukrainian universities are transferring to distance learning, and schools are sent on vacation ahead of schedule. testing ordered one and a half times more. the oxford vaccine we are waiting for is not yet available. but the japanese have already invented an expensive lamp, and finnish dogs are being taught to smell the virus. that's how they are - everyday life of the second wave of the epidemic.

the pandemic is dictating new rules for life. breaks the usual traditions. for the first time in history, the nobel prize ceremony is being held almost online, with a minimum of attendance.

this has never happened since 1901. prizes were always awarded according to the same standard: the laureates were invited to stockholm and personally the king of sweden at the official ceremony gave them medals and diplomas.

after that the nobel banquet was held, designed for 1300-1400 people. dress code - tailcoats and evening dresses. everything - from the king's appearance on the arm with the nobel laureate, and if there is none - the wife of the nobel laureate in physics to the removal of ice cream is strictly regulated and scheduled in seconds. the third is the nobel concert. also part of the ritual.

when it was technically impossible to fully comply with it from start to finish, say, during the first and second world wars, prizes were simply not awarded. there were two breaks of four years.

it is important to note, however, that sweden is one of several countries in the world that did not impose strict quarantines in the spring, when other countries did. they also adhere to the concept of herd immunity. nevertheless, the swedes followed the global trend and decided not to invite even most of the laureates. medals and diplomas will be given to them through embassies and universities.

since the swedes have already been reinsured, what remains to be done for us. however, the quarantine option, which starts today, does not imply the closure of the metro in large cities, the restriction of traffic and the closure of all institutions, including medical ones, as it was in the spring.

our educational institutions were quarantined every year during the flu or chickenpox epidemic. not all, of course, but many. the fact that the nightlife in restaurants and, above all, in clubs is closed, is also normal. you can get drunk and walk during the day.

to artists - sympathy. they are the victims again # 1. i caught myself thinking that i really wanted to buy a ticket to the concert of alexander malinin. did not do this because of the fear that he, like many russian artists, would not be allowed into kiev, and the money would be lost. and the tickets are not cheap. now i suppose that this and other concerts will be canceled due to quarantine.

under the increase in daily tests, the ministry of health changed the testing algorithm. before, the organization of testing had to be handled by the attending physician. now it is the patient's own concern. in theory, a sick person should not walk around the city, ride in vehicles and taxis, sit in clinics and spread the infection. a mobile team leaves for him if there are appropriate indications for taking the material

let there be mobile hospitals "in reserve" too. but the idea of ​​taking patients to the very center of kiev - to the sports palace next to the metro station, a host of restaurants, offices, the ministry of social policy and the gulliver shopping and office skyscraper seems strange to me.

in the spring, healthy people were sent for observation in sanzhary and other tmutarakan, and there local residents prayed against the "infectious" and beat the windows in buses, but here they simply chose the most populous place in kiev. either next to the alexander hospital, or as punishment for the gulliver for shining the walls with the colors of the lgbt flag. in general, let them think better. you never know empty sanatoriums near kiev in winter?

another controversial, according to knowledgeable people, idea is to instruct the ministry of health to increase the number of pcr tests from 30-35 thousand to 50 thousand per day. for which uah 260 million were allocated.

the chief sanitary doctor of ukraine, viktor lyashko, reported back in september that our laboratories examine about 30 thousand tests for covid-19 every day, which is more than poland: 66.3 per 100 thousand of the population in our country and 47.9 in theirs. 900 thousand tests are released per month. despite the fact that for the entire time of the pandemic - since march 2020 - 261 thousand cases of the disease have been recorded.

it is clear that the number of infected is growing. this is the same algorithm as in the flu epidemic. but with this approach - let's have more tests, quality suffers from the planned quantity. it's no secret that our tests are very often wrong. people do them 2-3 times. and for the most part, they pay money every time.

it has already become a profitable business. many categories of workers cannot go to work without a certificate of absence of covid-19. plus in the summer we checked all the tourists. on the one hand, this is correct. on the other hand, the burden on laboratories increases. faulty tests can overestimate the overall infection rate. ukraine is firmly entrenched in the "red zone" and does not get out of there.

in response to the increase in daily tests, the ministry of health changed the testing algorithm. before, the organization of testing had to be handled by the attending physician. now it is the patient's own concern. in theory, a sick person should not walk around the city, ride in vehicles and taxis, sit in clinics and spread the infection. a mobile team goes to him, if there are appropriate indications for taking the material. the team arrives at the patient's place of residence, regardless of registration. a referral is given by a family doctor or an ambulance who answered the call and suspected a coronavirus.

but, firstly, it is practically impossible to call an ambulance after the medical reform in case of a general illness. for this you need to fall down the stairs, get into an accident, fall into a coma, etc. such a concept as "indications for testing" is very vague. well, there is a small temperature, cough too, no runny nose. is this covid-19 for sure? is not a fact.

our family doctors think so too. therefore, the vast majority of suspicious citizens go to the laboratory on their own and take the analysis there. again, if they all called a mobile brigade, then we would have to create thousands of mobile brigades. and this is unrealistic.

theoretically, it would be possible to deploy mobile testing points on the principle of auto-shops. either put laboratory vehicles at busy intersections, or drive through the districts as scheduled. today they moored here, tomorrow - there. the americans did something similar - they have such tents on many highways and entrances to cities. in some places in russia. we have not heard anything about this yet.
the much talked about so-called oxford vaccine has yet to live up to expectations. the drug, developed by the university of oxford together with the british-swedish pharmaceutical concern astrazeneca, showed a serious "side effect" during clinical trials on 30 thousand volunteers. e.g. guillain-barré syndrome

although, wangyu, a test room in the verkhovna rada will soon open. not only because there are many sick people among the deputies and workers, but also by analogy with the european parliament, where a round-the-clock coronavirus testing center is already opening for meps and staff. we must not lag behind europe and face it in the dirt.

кстати, если уже перенимать европейский опыт, то в аэропорту хельсинки служебных собак в рамках пилотного проекта пытаются по запаху определять зараженных коронавирусом. я не шучу. читала об этом в прессе.

в эксперименте участвуют 16 собак – по четыре собаки в одну смену. пассажиров будут просить провести салфеткой по коже, после чего эту салфетку будут давать обнюхать специально обученным собакам. если собака распознает вирус, то пассажиру придется пройти медицинскую проверку.

как отметила исследователь анна хельм-брекман, которая работает на ветеринарном факультете университета хельсинки, собаки, прошедшие специальные тренировки способны распознать запах, типичный для заболевших covid-19, практически со 100% точностью. интересно, а чем пахнет коронавирус? никто больных не нюхал? рассказать не может?

конечно, все было бы проще, если бы от коронавируса можно было привиться, как от обычного гриппа. но пока в мире есть только одна вакцина, запущенная в массовое производство – российская. судя по заявлениям нашего президента, владимир зеленский ей не доверяет, так что ждем европейскую и американскую. или на худой конец, китайскую. но все почему-то тормозят.

так называемая оксфордская вакцина, о которой много говорили, пока не оправдала ожиданий. препарат, разрабатываемый оксфордским университетом совместно с британско-шведским фармаконцерном astrazeneca, во время клинических испытаний на 30 тысячах добровольцев показал серьезную «побочку». например, синдром гийена-барре. а это страшная вещь: состояние, при котором иммунная система человека поражает собственные периферические нервы. тяжелые случаи синдрома гийена-барре наблюдаются редко, но они могут приводить практически к полному параличу

поэтому не будем рисковать с уколами. есть и другие варианты защититься от заразы. пишут, что японская компания ushio выпустила уф-лампу «care 222», которая якобы уничтожает коронавирус, не причиняя вреда здоровью человека.

уф-лампа, разработанная совместно с колумбийским университетом, будет использоваться для дезинфекции помещений, где находятся много людей и риск заражения вирусом высок, например, автобусы, поезда, лифты и офисы, говорится в сообщении компании. жаль, что ее стоимость $2860. а то бы себе прикупила...

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