not laugh, but sin ...

those who follow the news from kiev are probably aware that the skyscraper in the center of the capital is illuminated with the colors of the lgbt flag every evening for three and a half hours every evening during the current week. one of the grant organizations is mastering the budget. in principle, it's okay. can be understood and forgiven. came with protests "naziks" from the national corps. also mastered the budget, but, believe me, much more modest. unless, of course, lgbt people have shared with them. after all, they came before the end of the action and almost did not row ...

i warn you right away: whoever doesn't like it, don't read. nothing personal, just the job for us, journalists, is to seek out and voice problems. but there is a problem, and it is not at all that one of the numerous grant lgbt organizations (there are about fifty-five of them registered, but there are actually twenty-eight active and collecting foreign money at the moment - the author) paid for an advertising product.

from 5 to 11 october, the gulliver shopping center is illuminated with the “rainbow” flag of the lgbt community from 18:30 to 22:00 every five minutes. and for 20 seconds the people of kiev observe the slogan: "to be different is good together." they say this was done to draw attention to the problem of non-acceptance of the lgbt in modern ukrainian society. and is carried out within the framework of writing off grant funds for a certain “pride month-2020”, which fits into three weeks. five years in three years?

to be honest, i don't understand the reason for kipish. when you stand in the dimensionless kiev traffic jams, you don’t think about the essence of advertising boards. i remember that on the same wall of the gulliver some fashionable clock was already shining. and even crocodile leather shoes were advertised, yanukovych wore such. but no one had such an analogy then.

therefore, it is difficult to surprise the capital of ukraine with the statement that someone is good with someone else. we have candidates for mayor flying on umbrellas, imagining themselves mary poppins. think it's a rainbow.

if kyivpride hung on the wall of a skyscraper photos from the photo exhibition "vedmedi of ukraine", which also takes place within the framework of "pride month 2020" and is funded by the norwegian embassy, ​​there could be different reactions. if at that moment i was sitting in one of the restaurants opposite the shopping center and saw this, then, at least one hour, i would burp. sorry for such a confession, indecent for a lady.

in general, it's funny that the backbone of kyivpride is made up of young ladies. as they sang in our perestroika school: “we are not hippies, we are not punks, we are lesbian girls”. but judging by their projects, they are still not indifferent to the peasants. probably purely from the point of view of aesthetics. if that word applies here.

by the way, a very advantageous configuration in terms of foreign funding. not only lgbt but also gender. two in one. it is not surprising that the organization, created relatively recently - in 2016, managed to collect the best sponsorship bouquet in ukraine. here is the us embassy, ​​and the canadian embassy, ​​and the germans, and the norwegians, and the heinrich bell foundation, and the freedom house, and amnesty international, and the elton john foundation. and this is not a complete list!

i think they give a little everywhere. somewhere, perhaps, quite decent amounts. and the most important thing is to master them in such a way as to report to donors: the job is done. it is clear that you cannot write off a lot of money to discuss the question of whether life is hard for lgbt people with disabilities. you do not need to be experts on gender identity to understand that it is difficult for disabled people in ukraine a priori. no matter who they prefer in sex.

the cherry on top of the three-week month's cake is a celebration this coming sunday, october 11, of “world coming out day,” the day of the courage to declare your sexual orientation. promised something interesting. waiting for someone to confess this time. will there really be a sensation?

well, okay, some of the public people will openly say that he is gay, although everyone already understood this. people with a specific understanding of aesthetics will be able to contemplate the "bear photo exhibition". the rest of the kievites - a rainbow flag three hours a day on the wall of a skyscraper. why is all this, except, in fact, writing off money?

and i'll explain to you now. on september 25, 2016, some european scientists from the equal rights trust organizations little-known to us and the lgbt center “our world” published a study in which they wrote that ukrainians have a higher level of homophobia than albanians and italians.

they say, representatives of sexual minorities in ukraine face a high level of social stigmatization and are forced to hide their true sexual orientation and gender identity from society.

as evidence, scientists used polls by the netherlands institute for social research, the netherlands institute for social research, according to which at least 66.5% of ukrainians consider homosexuality to be a perversion or mental disorder. therefore, ukraine needs to be re-educated.

заметим, что 2020 год уже заканчивается, а однополые браки в украине не легализованы. самые активные лгбт-организации напомнили об этом грантодателям и взяли дополнительные средства, чтобы расшевелить власть. так на торгово-офисном центре засветилась радуга...

на перевоспитание выделены значительные финансы. даже приюты для бродячих собак столько не получают. что касается больных детей или одиноких стариков, то европа на них денег не дает. если что-то и собирают, то за счет внутренних ресурсов.

не надо думать, что наше перевоспитание столь уже безобидно. мы наплодили массу антикоррупционных органов под давлением запада, доказывая свою приверженность борьбе с коррупцией. так же и в плане общенациональной гомофобии: требуется веское доказательство, что украинцы вступили на путь исправления.

первым признаком движения в правильную сторону запад посчитал голосование за поправку в трудовой кодекс, которая запрещает любую трудовую дискриминацию, в том числе и по сексуальной ориентации.

сказавши а, нужно сказать и б. если коротко, то принять необходимое законодательство и нормативные акты и легализовать гражданские однополые браки в украине. требование настолько категоричное, что этот пункт есть в национальной стратегии в сфере прав человека на период до 2020 года.

заметим, что 2020 год уже заканчивается, а однополые браки в украине не легализованы. самые активные лгбт-организации напомнили об этом грантодателям и взяли дополнительные средства, чтобы расшевелить власть. так на торгово-офисном центре засветилась радуга...

кстати, что касается однополых браков, то юристы, возможно, тоже в рамках грантов, уже активно ищут противоречия в законодательстве. чем наша правовая система традиционно богата. оказывается, что хотя статья 21 “семейного кодекса украины” предусматривает заключение брака лишь между мужчиной и женщиной, в статье 26, среди перечня причин, по которым брак не может быть зарегистрирован, одинаковый пол супругов не указан.

впрочем, главная загвоздка – это статья 51 конституции украины. там написано, что брак основывается на добровольном согласии мужчины и женщины. а поменять конституцию, как известно, хлопотное дело.

поэтому “харчевать” бюджеты на продвижение антидискриминационного законодательства и отмену ограничений на брак по признаку сексуальной ориентации лгбтшники смогут еще долго. не смех, но грех...

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