the state squeezes citizens in the "cache"

well, have you finished playing? according to statistics, for eight months of this year, the volume of cash in circulation outside the banking system increased by almost 20%. while for the entire last year, the volume of growth in "cache" was only 6%. this is all a consequence of unnecessary questions from banks and the upcoming "coming" of the zero declaration. as well as talk about taxing money transfers with vat and military duty. not to mention the desire of tax authorities to write off the debts of small entrepreneurs without a court decision.

as for the latter, the ministry of finance of ukraine came up with a corresponding initiative and even developed a bill, which was approved at a government meeting and submitted to parliament.

if not long ago they talked about stimulating the business activity of economic entities, now small business should become a donor (or one of the donors) of financing for the state apparatus, which, in accordance with the draft law on the 2021 budget, will increase significantly.

what do they want to do? the cabinet of ministers submitted to the parliament bill no. 4101 "on amendments to the tax code and other laws of ukraine regarding ensuring the balance of budgetary receipts." the key point is that the moratorium on documentary and factual tax audits will be terminated from the moment the law comes into force. the updated plan must be made public within 10 business days after its launch.

at the same time, it is proposed to oblige banks to provide, at the request of the fiscal services (as part of the execution of the court decision on the recovery of funds from the taxpayer), information on the status of accounts, the movement of funds and transactions on accounts for a specific period of time, on the balance of funds on accounts, as well as information on the existence of contracts about the storage of valuables or the provision of a bank safe.

all of these oddities are said to be the beginning of the path to null declaration. the new memorandum with the imf clearly states ukraine's obligation to adopt relevant legislation this fall. and a zero declaration and, accordingly, a general declaration from 2021. as stated in the memorandum - for the purpose of further implementation of control over the compliance of income and expenses

but that's not all. the tax authorities want to be allowed to collect funds from taxpayers' accounts for declared tax liabilities in the amount of uah 5 million without a court decision. at the same time, experts say, there is not a word that the taxpayer could have made a mistake by declaring a large amount for payment, and has the right to correct such an error. on the other hand, the rationale for the adoption of this provision clearly indicates that a self-declared tax obligation is not subject to appeal.

and this is only one side of the coin. banks began to behave strangely too. instead of grooming and cherishing clients, they began, as the well-known financial analyst vasily nevmerzhitskiy said in his blog, demanding receipts when withdrawing deposits in the amount of more than uah 200,000. with a detailed statement of what the cash will be spent on.

we have already retold the publicized stories , as at the request of a private contractor for an unpaid disputed bill from a private housing office in the amount of uah 1.5 thousand. the bank has blocked a pension card, the only source of funds for the life of an elderly woman, with an amount much more in arrears. or how, according to a resident of kharkiv, the bank asked her to report for the received uah 15 thousand. “today i received a salary in the amount of uah 15 thousand. to the card, and "monobank" temporarily froze the money in the account. now they ask to provide documents, from where and for what reason the translation ", - says the girl.

moreover, it is not necessary to receive money for troubles. you can run into account blocking and transactions during payment. another example, which i heard directly from the victim, looks completely out of the ordinary. a person paid for a mobile phone with a card, and the payment was stopped right during the payment for the goods in the store.

all these oddities are said to be the beginning of the path to zero declaration. the new memorandum with the imf clearly states ukraine's obligation to adopt relevant legislation this fall. and a zero declaration and, accordingly, a general declaration from 2021. as stated in the memorandum - with the aim of further introducing control over the compliance of income and expenses.

and what is the purpose of all this? tax and punish! in the parliament has already registered another bill №4073 from the “servant of the people” daria volodina, which concerns the accounts of both legal entities and individuals. according to him, when selling, say, used children's things on marketplaces or receiving money on a transfer card, you will have to pay 18% personal income tax and 1.5% of the military fee.

to substantiate this, bill no. 4073 provides for a significant expansion of the powers of the tax authorities in terms of access to information on the accounts of a specific individual or legal entity, indicating counterparties and the purpose of payments.
the national bank expects that inflation will begin to rise in the fall. a business that has tasted the charm of cash turnover realizes that it will soon be attacked and prepares for it. while the ministry of finance and the ministry of economy state that the share of the shadow economy has almost doubled. and this is not all the consequences of tightening the nuts out of the blue. or else there will be ...

frankly, i doubt that the tax authorities will have enough time and energy to analyze transactions on individual accounts, compare transactions of various counterparties, etc. random victims will fall under the distribution, using the method of "computer sampling" with the expectation that the rest will be scared and will pay voluntarily.

will not pay! the authorities clearly underestimate their citizens. our people are not fools. they understand that it is becoming dangerous to display electronic money. even banal money transfers. they are not even afraid of the coronavirus, which can be transmitted through paper hryvnias. when it comes to the all-seeing eye of the controlling authorities, no infection is scary anymore.

the national bank states: the population ignored the recommendations of the ministry of health to refuse cash bills as a carrier of infection and are increasingly using "real" money. for eight months of the year, the volume of cash in circulation outside the banking system increased by almost 20%, which is three and a half times more than last year.

according to the press service of the nbu, as of september 1, the volume of cash in circulation and at the cash desks of banks amounted to uah 508.6 billion. compared to uah 425 billion. on january 1 of this year. that is, plus - uah 83.6 billion.

moreover, the louder the talk about control over accounts, the adoption of legislation on universal declaration, and the wider rumors spread about the practical steps of banks in this direction, the more ukrainians are switching to cash.

it seems that quarantine is no longer being introduced, despite the increase in the incidence of coronavirus, and banks have settled down a little in terms of the general requirement for explanatory notes, and the cache will continue to capture new positions. by the end of september, another increase is expected.

moreover, as is usually the case in such cases, the dashing trouble is the beginning. as soon as they have mastered some algorithm, in this case - a return to cash turnover, there are related services, supply and demand, it will be very difficult to roll back the situation.

в нацбанке ждут, что уже осенью начнется рост инфляции. бизнес, вкусивший прелесть наличного оборота, осознает, что скоро на него пойдут атакой, и готовится к этому. а минфин с минэкономики констатируют увеличение доли теневой экономики почти вдвое. и это далеко не все последствия закручивания гаек на ровном месте. то ли еще будет...

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