александр фельдман: «голый король» рынка «барабашово»

the revolution of dignity and the events that followed it led to serious changes among the ukrainian business elite. new political realities and economic cataclysms of 2014-2020 did not spare even those whose prosperity for many years seemed certain and guaranteed. for example, the kharkiv politician and businessman alexander feldman.

in the distant and cloudless 2012, focus magazine estimated his fortune at $ 375 million. and put on the honorable 42nd place in the national rating of the richest people in ukraine . at that time, alexander feldman was the owner of almost all of the largest kharkiv markets, owned a solid portfolio of “non-bazaar” assets, built commercial real estate in the city center and hatched plans to enter the international level. according to competent people, in those days the barabashov market alone brought its owner at least 3 million dollars. cash monthly.

after the revolution, the beginning of the russian-ukrainian war and the emergence of new conflicts with the city authorities of kharkiv, in 2015, alexander feldman dropped to 46th place from 170 million .doll. from the former greatness, from the once wide list of assets, at that time there was only one “barabashovo” market and a land plot under the “ecopark”. everything else was already either pledged, sold, or given to pay off debts. barabashovo itself did not generate cash in such volumes as before and worked mainly to repay bank loans.

2018 was marked for alexander feldman with a further exacerbation of confrontation with the local authorities around the barabashovo market and a new 62 place in the "focus" with a conditional 102 million dollars. estimated state . at that time, the feldman no longer announced plans to develop the main bazaar of the city, the main task was to preserve the "last chicken", which at least sometimes laid some eggs. corporate debts hung over the feldman with an unbearable burden and "for life" had to earn constant loans-re-loans from wealthy individuals.

this downward trend can also be seen in the ratings of the feldman in forbes: in 2019, 80th place and 69 million dollars, and in 2020, for the first time in recent years, the feldman did not get anywhere at all, not even reaching the “entrance ticket "in rating .

feldman's actual financial situation is increasingly described by the media as very unenviable. according to the feldman himself, already in 2009-2010 fat years the concern "avek" owed banks over 100 million dollars . judging by the state of the assets, this debt did not disappear and was subsequently re-denominated in the national currency. in 2011-2012 the press gets information that in addition to corporate debts the feldman also has a solid portfolio of personal obligations. he borrowed uah 23.82 million from the ex-prosecutor of the kharkiv region vasily sinchuk. the people's deputy borrowed 10 million hryvnias each from his father boris feldman and from his own assistant ruslan shapiro. and also had obligations to the people's deputy valery pisarenko - uah 2.5 million. in addition, information that in 2011, the people's deputy alexander feldman, is lending 2,000,000 million dollars, becomes public knowledge. from the kharkov banker vadim vishnevsky . at the same time, journalists note that the debt was never reflected in the tax return of the feldman and would have remained a secret if it had not been for the tragic death of vishnevsky, which forced his family to post ious on the internet to play it safe from the "scam"

in 2015 the feldman receives new loans in various banks in the amount of uah 53 million.

according to sources in the banking sector, he managed to get new loans due to agreements with representatives of the former government, which made it possible to transfer debts to private banks into obligations in state banks (not free of charge, of course), which, in turn, were covered by collateral and refinancing schemes. by tradition, everyone earned on losses to the state budget.

in 2016 the media are already writing about uah 140 million. debt and that feldman are provided with new loans "privatbank" and "ukrsotsbank" that have become state-owned.

in 2018, bihus.info journalists made the top 10 deputies of debtors. in this rating, the feldman is noticeably ahead of his colleagues in parliamentary activity and took as much 4th place in terms of the amount of outstanding debts.

and this despite the fact that only official debts from the public declarations of the people's deputies were taken into account.

at the beginning of 2020 it becomes known that in the "commercial industrial bank" the feldman was given another 10 million hryvnia of credit. more than 5 million 400 thousand hryvnias were lent to the feldman by the wife of boris lozhkin, nadezhda shalomova. another 5 million 160 thousand hryvnia was given to him by the metropolitan of kharkov and bogodukhov onufry. the feldman borrowed another half a million from the deputy of the regional council from the party "our land" andrey stronov and another 300 thousand from the director of the "feldman-eco-park" vitaly ilchenko .

people's deputy went "with outstretched hand" already on the nearest circle of acquaintances, borrowing money from his own subordinates and familiar public figures.
a joke became popular among kharkiv businessmen and wealthy people's deputies: “i met a feldman, so instead of greeting he asked to borrow 100,000 dollars. said that there was no such possibility and he asked for at least 5,000! ... ”.

all this was the official side of the story of a once prosperous businessman. but there is also an unofficial one that explains a lot and gives real ideas about the current state of affairs and the prospects of the former oligarch.

according to insiders, as of today, the corporate debt of a. feldman's structures is at least uah 150 million and at least uah 200 million. - personal debts. moreover, the last part of the debt has long been unsecured and serviced according to the scheme of a financial pyramid - new loans are taken in order to pay off old debts.

in parallel, it has become a common practice in the "avek" concern and in feldman's charitable projects non-payment of salaries and "ripping off" business tenants на «барабашово» .

even conflicts with ideological opponents began to acquire financial implications .

people who have known feldman for a long time are in solidarity in the opinion that his inability to do business and his penchant for adventures are to blame.

the first loans received in the 2010s for the implementation of very specific business projects were spent on politics, self-promotion, ostentatious charity and personal consumption. a significant part of these funds was plundered and wasted ineffectively by the management of the avek concern, which changed annually. nothing new was created, the business did not develop and did not diversify, the only source of income was the increase in rental payments at barabashovo and tax optimization.
the next portion of loans was obtained for the sake of servicing old obligations or because it was easier to borrow than to earn. when liquid collateral ran out, the third wave began - multi-million dollar personal borrowing. what is known in the media about the feldman's personal debts is the very tip of the iceberg. by the way, these debts are also paid off according to the same principle: what was officially recognized and got into the media still has a chance of being returned. what was engaged in unofficially, without proper legal registration or as a loan to the business structures of the feldman, if the lender does not have the opportunity to carry out any offsetting, can be considered an imprudent charitable donation. any large tenant from barabashov knows about it.

therefore, before you lend a feldman a loan, you should pay attention to his credit history and the high-quality execution of receipts.

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