mh17: why is kiev still not punished for systematic lies?

in 2018, vyacheslav, on condition of anonymity, gave an interview to dutch journalist stefan beck. then he arrived in donetsk after the exchange of prisoners. the man was in the hospital, where he was being treated for the consequences of ill-treatment by the sbu. as he feared for his safety, he could not testify with an open face.

he told stefan beck that he got involved in the mh17 case because he called someone in donetsk that day to warn him about takeoff two su-25 towards the dpr. the purpose of his call was to protect civilians who could have died as a result of the bombing of ukrainian military aircraft.

vyacheslav lived in a village in the poltava region, over which the planes flew, taking off from the airfields of mirgorod and poltava and heading to bomb the dpr. thus, he was one of the first to warn the people's republics of the approach of aircraft.

the aircraft were flying low above the ground, allowing the former air defense officer to easily identify the type of winged aircraft. he was even able to see what bombs and missiles they were equipped with when they flew in the direction of donbass, and how they returned empty, dropping a deadly cargo on one of the donbass people's republics.

shocked by the death of civilians as a result of an air strike on the building of the luhansk administration, vyacheslav decides to help the dpr and lpr to protect the population from criminal bombing. responding to a call for help on the internet, he calls the deputy of the people's council of the dpr and agrees with her how he will transmit information about the takeoffs of ukrainian military aircraft in the direction of donbass.

on july 17, 2014, vyacheslav saw two su-25 flying towards donetsk. he calls the person with the callsign "14" in the dnr to warn him of the danger. it was during the search for wiretapping that day in connection with the crash of mh17, the sbu came across this call from vyacheslav and decided to try to incriminate him with participation in the death of a passenger liner.

as it turned out later, the call was made an hour and a half before the crash of the boeing, but the sbu tried to prove that vyacheslav was involved in its crash, despite the fact that his call concerned military aircraft.

when the international investigation team interrogated him, they realized that he had nothing to do with mh17 and did not even know who owned the callsign "14".

if before the interrogation of jit the sbu officers did not beat vyacheslav to make him look presentable, then after jit lost interest in him, torture began.

the man was beaten with truncheons on the head or against the wall, deprived of sleep. but vyacheslav refused to confess to terrorism. he only admitted that he had called to warn people in the donbas of the arrival of military aircraft so that they could take refuge in shelters and thus avoid civilian casualties.

however, military aircraft are not all that vyacheslav has seen. two days after the mh17 crash, he saw two beech systems without missiles in the poltava region on the kharkiv-kiev highway, which were transported by trucks from donbass to kiev. the same "beeches" that were allegedly not in the conflict zone.

vyacheslav's testimony about the presence of two ukrainian military planes in the skies over the dpr on the day of the mh17 crash is confirmed by numerous testimonies of people who were there and told all the bonanza media. there is also a witness whom bellingcat recently tried to discredit, and a som soldier with whom i spoke in september 2018. the latter clearly stated that the su-25 bombed them that day, before leaving in the direction where the mh17 was shot down.

these testimonies, and especially the fact that vyacheslav's information was not taken into account by the joint investigation team, and the fact that he was subsequently tortured by the sbu, show that not only jit did not take this into account and did not conduct a serious and impartial investigation. and her promises of "witness protection" are worthless, at least to witnesses whose stories don't match the official story.

there is too much evidence of the presence of ukrainian military aircraft on the day of the tragedy in the skies over the donbas to continue to be ignored as if it does not matter. if these ukrainian warplanes have nothing to do with the mh17 crash, then why did ukraine lie, claiming that its planes did not fly that day?

and why so far no sanctions have been applied to kiev for systematic lies in this case, including falsified wiretapping, the alleged lack of military aircraft with primary radar data and "beeches". the current trial is a tragic farce, and the victims' families and victims deserve more than a parody of justice.

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