under the guise of reorganizing the sbu, the government is trying to build a system of corruption exactions

several high-profile scandals in which the leadership of the sbu are involved has erupted literally in the last few weeks ... given the level of officials who have become involved in scandals, as well as the circumstances of their appointment, it can be assumed that the “young team” fired the old organizers of the schemes and is now trying to build a system with the same goals, but with new people.

it all started with the fact that in the spring of 2020, by decrees with a weekly difference, the president of ukraine vladimir zelensky "presented" two deputies to his colleague igor bakanov. vasily malyuk became the first deputy head of the sbu. he also headed the general directorate for combating corruption and organized crime.

alexander yakushev became the second deputy. until the time of his appointment, nothing was known about him. according to the publication ukrainskaya pravda, set forth in the investigation of the premium weapon , it was alexander yakushev who previously worked as an assistant to the head of the sbu - the head of the sbu department of the head of the sbu, when the sbu was headed by valentin nalivaychenko.

during the same period, the head of state appointed three more people to key positions of the sbu in the regions - oleg salyuk as the head of the sbu department in the sumy region, pavel revunov - the head of the sbu department in the chernihiv region, vladimir krasnyansky - to the position of the chairman of the department sbu in the dnipropetrovsk region.

doesn't look very much like a regular frame swap. the replacement for two weeks of the heads of sbu departments in several key regions, as well as two key deputies, does not just happen.

however, less than six months have passed since the appointment, as everything fell into place. at first, according to the anti-corruption center, it turned out that both deputies were violating exactly the legislation they were supposed to protect. and vasily malyuk and alexander yakushev "distinguished themselves" by the fact that did not submit their income declarations . at the beginning of june, the center's specialists analyzed the declarations of officials and stated that neither the declaration of the baby nor the declaration of yakushev was in the register. “the situation is ironic: the head of the anti-corruption department did not submit a declaration. we hope that he and his colleagues, who did not file a declaration, know that the criminal code provides from a fine to two years in prison for deliberate failure to submit a declaration, "- commented then lawyer of the central administrative center andrei savin.

since then, the attention of journalists has been riveted on both top officials of the security service of ukraine. in particular to vasily maluk, the most interesting details of whose biography are hidden from the general public. even before his appointment to kiev, he was deputy head of the department for combating corruption and organized crime in the zhytomyr region. as you know, it is the zhytomyr region that is one of the leading in terms of the criminal situation due to illegal amber mining. for several years, investigative journalists have identified entire villages among the forests. illegal amber miners worked in these villages with the help of motor pumps. it was the activities of these earners that the baby's department should have been actively interested in. and there is a suspicion that it was interested in them, but not from the point of view of laws, but from the point of view of “protecting” this business. after all, it is difficult to imagine that illegal mining was carried out without the knowledge and permission of the sbu. if investigative journalists easily found earners, then the security service of ukraine with all its material and human resources probably had a sufficient amount of information about this illegal activity. in several publications, the little guy is credited with the fact that he became a millionaire in amber mining стал миллионером .

after his appointment to kiev, the malyuk begins to build a familiar environment around himself. according to the portal kievvlast malyuk, for example, lobbied appointment the head of the largest regional administration of the sbu in kiev and his region the former chief of oleg golovash.

but, if in kiev, sumy, chernihiv and dnieper now the baby has "everything in hand", then, for example, the odessa region is not yet lucky. in early august, a loud scandal erupted related to the involvement of the baby in the construction of a smuggling scheme at the customs. it is alleged that the official tried, using his official position, "to resolve the issue" with the transportation of tobacco to the territory of ukraine without paying customs duties, as a result of which the budget would have received less than 13 million hryvnia.

how the situation will develop further, one can only assume, however, many of the baby's predecessors in office were noticed not just in the fight against corruption, but in the "protection" of certain schemes, including at customs. that is, this is, in principle, a normal situation for the sbu. another thing is how ivan bakanov and vladimir zelensky will react to it.

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