the defendant in corruption scandals and the former "regional" ilya dikov wants to become the mayor of vishnevoy again - from the "servant of the people" || | 140

колишній регіонал ілля діков немає наміру втрачати крісло мера міста вишневе. щоб втілити свої політичні амбіції, він через свого кума олександра горбачова вирішив питання балатування від президентської партії “слуга народу”, яка формує команди в регіонах.

in the kiev region, the servant of the people organizing the work of dubinsky, having taken care of his godfather gorbachov, ex-head of the head office of the state agency of ukraine. hunchbacks to carry out events, talk about "spіvpratsі" with applicants from their office for the social borshchagіvtsі, voloshkova 42. at the same time, “walk” from the beginning of a thousand days , a deputy to the oblasnu rada 50 thousand $, and the misc on the list is 5-10 thousand $

political kar'ara іllі dikova

іllа dikov since 1998 he has been working in the law colonel mіlіtsії. in 2010 he became a deputy of the cherry city council for the sake of the “party of regions”, and later became the secretary of the city council, and upon the presentation of the current prosecutor - v. mischievous head. for example, in 2011, the rock was written for pre-mature vibrations of dicks and he himself became the head of a cherry yak, a representative of the current pro-government “party of regions”. for the first time, the party got used to it and didn’t guess at the official mobile advertising materials, i would like to see the “regions” being prepared. zokrema, journalism and activism meant , but the good party simply didn’t allow the opposition candidates to be elected. in the middle of the established rivals, dikov appeared і unproblematic students, who didn’t miss a hundred to a cherry, і a driver of a grand enterprise without a biography, and a few communalists, like those of a keruvav, being a secret before that. mischievous head. i heard about the mass falsification of vibration results. in 2015, even without the help of the “party of regions”, at that time it was transformed into a new, even out-of-the-box project, and again it was sent back to the seat of the little head, albeit without a party.

a number of calls in law-enforcement agencies and a corruption scandal

a number of calls in law-enforcement agencies, and a large number of calls in police. win nav є a member of the governing body of the european police association of ukraine. in the dbr that nabu є most of the information about those who, behind the help of the cich dylovyh and friendly sounds, diks at once with the exmer boyarka that the deputy of the chernobyl misconception gulіevvim and our patron of the yaroslavl who are considered to be great before the lower ones. the reason for the low corruption schemes of the dikov is not to be discerned, nibito є friendship with the head of sap nazar kholodnitskiy, who served from 2006 to 2010. , thank you to forget the illegalities. the stink of the bully got sick to the bad one the corruption scandal , what a progrim in 2018 rotsi. dikov proponuvav khabar todishniy v.o. ministry of health of the ulyan suprun - an apartment in the residential complex "aquarelle 2" in exchange for the medical possession of mistseviy likarna, on the other hand, in the future.

later, the magazine's navit were told, but the cherry tree was also passed on in 2012. that narazi, in the setting of the daytime, and explaining the anomaly of the discs did not change.

due to the scandal, the bulk of the cherry tree pocketed in the window of the dikov, they opened a petition. the reason for the bazhannya of the bulk of the deadline is that the increase in the number of dikov buli is not without the corruption of the scandal, but the illegal operation of the infrastructure, the redeployment of the school is too small.

criminal law and illegitimacy in cherry

corrupt scandal with ulyana suprun not one in the biography of illi dikov. in advance of his political kar'eri vin several times figuruvav in anti-corruption investigations. zokrema, one hundred percent illegal distribution at cherry trade kiosks hlibokombinat “kulinichi”. in 2013, there were a lot of people who went to the bakery industry of volodymyr from the homeland of viktor yanukovych; ілля діков in the interview for journalists pidtverdzhuvav , but the kyoski "kulinichi" do not obscure the necessary documents, but they call it "time-honored". tim is not less, i don’t want to explain why it’s illegal to do not know and to promote the function.

soozh dikov figuruvav at the investigation about the illegal transfer to the sub-lease of the goods "aquarelle development holding" of the land dilyanka on the basis of the unfinished office building "the building complex for 210 lodgings" for the future mortgage protect your health. i forgot about the transfer to the sub-rental of the dilyanka, and even on the master plan of the residential complex “aquarelle 2” no medical mortgage appeared. this became the reason for the dissatisfaction of the community, as at the same time with the prosecutor's office they transferred the revision of the documents to the court .

dikova and the patron of yaroslavl are also honored to be illegally forgotten "euro 2000" park zone in metro vishnevy on st. svyatoshinsky zagalnoy area of ​​10 hectares, yak, according to the hardened master plan of the m. cherry vid 01/18/2007 є territory of greenery. even the official vlada in the guise of dikov їх didn’t come to the meeting .

ties with the party "new denunciations" and additional help in agitation for the odious exmer irpen karplyuk

also up to the number of people who came close to illy dikov, the order of the yo intercessor i defended the first to be a warsaw citizen as well і є written sergiy vasilovich , a member of the political party "new denunciations", ninja secretary of the cherry ministry, and in the past the pastor of the "god's embassy" sect, an odious preacher || | 186 сандея аделаджі . from adelajis tightly knitted and the other members of the command “new guises” that ichny chilnik - scandalous home eksmer irpen | || 192 володимира карплюка . to the butt, petro shcherbina , which is already the decal of rock_v іdpovіdaє for the project "new denunciations" that special carpluk, when adelaji as a media consultant . imovirno, scho in the whole lance of the ring in the very same shcherbina dwelling about the picture of dikov karplyuk at the parliamentary elections during 2019 rock. todі karplyuk nіbito profіnansuvav at the cherry embankment, as a kindly man got drunk with the first fallen.

on the street of the embankment of the presence and the houses, at the promotional magazine there were elements of information. indifferent to his posad, cherry measures meaning: "everyone, who is here, it stinks thoughtfully, it’s garnish to go until that moment, the position“ said-ruined ”and, apparently є cintseviy, garnishing result"

for all the furnishings were made before promising and the bad guys of the dikov, “the new ones” hung over the cherry with banners “volodymyr karplyuk. more є result ”.

part 1 of article 74 of the law of ukraine "about the election of people's deputies of ukraine" , the fate of the movement of the election campaign will be fenced off at work hours ... to the authorities of the miscellaneous samovryvannya, law-enforcement bodies and courts, krim vipadkiv, if the posadova is a service person є a candidate for a deputy. oskіlki dіkov not having become a candidate for deputy, their fate at the mobile pіarі karplyuk was completely illegal.

wild is that command for the development of "servants to the people"

незважаючи на те, що діков неодноразово потрапляв в центр суспільного невдоволення його роботою на чолі вишнівської міської ради, а минулого літа неофіційно підтримував конкурента “слуги народу”, штаб партії в київській області повідомив про його входження до “команди реформаторів президента зеленського”.

команда “слуги народу”, до якої увійшов діков, обіцяє принципово новий підхід до розвитку отг, при якому влада звітуватиме за кожну витрачену копійку, а пропозиції щодо розвитку надаватимуть мешканці об’єднаної громади.

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