the head of the kiev customs may become a well-known corrupted slichko

overruns of those penny streams on mitnitsa is the number one topic of the vladnoy istebleshmenti. all by hook and, in the main, by crook - the odious sergiy slychko, the dignified defender of the head of the dniprovskoy mitnitsa dfs, is torn to scourge the kiev mitnitsa.

for those who are not modest people we are going to make a mistake. and the pictorial situation of the situation is due to the fact that his protégé was sent to the posad (for a dear) in the head of the sovereign meeting service of the pan murats, the figure is symbolic in the main and "krishuvanny" schemes of mitigation.

whenever they come to the kyivan minister, they are not deprived of all the workers of the ukrainian public service, but the community. so, activists - "international anti-criminal alliance" - turned to ukrainian people's deputies for the chance to make a note of respect for the bad actions of the nickname, to prevent the reconversion of the facts and the deputy control.

the sign of sergiy's nickname for the posad is loaded on the budget: there is nothing to be denied. then, the schematosis is pracyuvatime vіdmіnno: quietly and in a very demanding place. and in what a special cynicism of the situation - to prevent the permanent course of smuggling and pay tribute to it, entrusting the inspectors with the help to fight against ... smuggling! naymensha disobedient inspector will be punished by provoking law-enforcers and zhilnennya with a "vovch" ticket or criminal rights. like to love, say slychko: "all pidvishuєmo on the slack and pratsyuєmo". melodiously, "people are poroshenko," as they call themselves to themselves, the new ones do not seem to be great, not quiet.

despite its toxicity and figuruvannya in corruption scandals, sergiy slichko prodovzhu keruvati processes in the "new" mitnitsі. wine on this year about the head of the dnipropetrovsk state security service. with powder - the person is not tied. also, entering the office of granovskiy.

on the power of the nickname "slychko" from google, to enter this information, you are amazed, as a person is not harats. and win, come to see, sit down kerivny plant. and say on the other side!

at all critical dzherelakh it is said that it’s on a slick naraz є criminal provision! zokrema, pіd hour vikonannya with the name of the observances of the chief of the dnipropetrovsk mitnitsa:

1. no. 42018040000000209 dated 02.28.2018 for signs of the malignant transferred part 2 of art. 364 kk of ukraine: the clearance of the mite registration of containers cxdu 2109795, cxdu 2200349 with the goods "led televizori" at the mite post "central" of the dnipropetrovsk militia dfs (head of the post - borovik d. 2018/500548 yak "hydraulic accumulator tanks". shortage of payments - uah 2,779,700.32, out-of-pocket mitos - uah 902,293.85, personal income tax - uah 1,877,406.47;

2. no. 42017110350000075 dated 03.04.2017 for part 3 of art. 368 kk of ukraine: the gain of the swag at the farm 7.4 t. usd by the head of the m / p "pivnichny" of the dnipropetrovsk mitnitsa dfs stratulat r. p.;

3. no. 42018040010000002 dated 01/22/2018 for part 3 of art. 368 kk of ukraine: the gain of the swag by the head of the m / p "dniprodzerzhynsk" dnipropetrovsk mitnitsa dfs linda i. a .;

4. no. 42017040000001199 dated 06.09.2017 for part 2 of art. 366 kk of ukraine: the inclusion in the official document of deliberately untrue things, which caused heavy inheritance. 16 trolleybuses have been issued without payment of a foreign ticket;

5. no. 42018040000000936 dated 07/27/2018 for h. 1.3 of art. 362 kk ukraine: unsanctioned change of information, processed in automated systems.

6. for the slychko and at the right "trade - commodity": open credibility. on the right of the sizo, having replaced the patron of the head of the department of classification dmitro legenkov. however, the number of provadzhennya is important to know, adzhe granovskiy nemdarma їv svіy great shmat hlіba with butter and іkroiu: everything is secret.

there is little hope for a clean water experience. on the thought of experts, from all tsikh, a great and fat ... zilch will be right. seems like slychko virtuozno in my "close up" food. from and by the nearest hour, porishaє chi ni. as a slychko, for the protection of muratov (also the velmi of the tsikov's character) if there are signs for the posad, it means your food is exactly "porish".

you can see wild, ala head and obov'yazkovuyu mind of the transfer of workers in the capital lands in the dnipropetrovsk mitnytsia when the slick, when you see, practically the official declaration of the i may have til in the individual of granovsky and poroshenko, slickly putting the corruption in our minds and not thinking about prikhovuvati our thoughts. povna lack of quality.

the situation on the mitts of the day is disastrous. the workers themselves seem to think that they are a little bit of money: the moment of arrival of vehicles to the agricultural union, with the owner of the name of the slick said "good and constructive", soon there will be no.

and the cherry on the cake is a specialty. spravzhnі assets of the nickname is significant to change yo official income. so, pratsuyuchi on the sovereign posadi, 2017 rock slychko having bought 3 apartments from dnіprі! druzhinі - car bmw x5, more than $ 100 thousand! having issued everything, zv_sno, on relatives. and even more. about the lasting failures of not fashionable resorts for the priestly people - modestly promising. right-wing supporters need to assess this fact: the nickname was stuck in by robots, in 2018 it was rosi, and it means that it means that after taking away the salary, it’s going to be overused at all the workers and on the workers!

the sign of the presumed corruptor snych on the landing of the ochilnik of kiev’s mitnitsa - will be a signal before the anti-corruption policy of president zelensky all in all, fictsієyu, mile bulbs, to be carried out "to pretend

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