ukraine: a call for sterilization of the unemployed and an ode to collaboration

the west is sure that there are no neo-nazis in power in ukraine, and statements about this are only terrible russian propaganda. judge for yourself. in a video published on social networks, a deputy of the servant of the people party, galina tretyakova, said that the unemployed give birth to low-quality children and suggested sterilizing them in order to reduce the burden on the budget and social structures.

“when demographically we provide such means that are used by the family, and the birth of a child does not take place in order to provide him with equal rights, education, but in order to receive material assistance, then we will receive, i will say harshly, children of very poor quality. they lead to the fact that they also sit on state funds, ”she stressed.

“in this sense the uk is very tough on those who do not work. they even once had a deputy minister of social policy who said that anyone who wants social assistance should be sterilized. that's such a cruel policy. in this regard, it is very often remembered whether kuan yu (ex-premier of singapore - approx.), who sterilized women without higher education, ”she added.

according to her, by such methods the authorities of other countries "uprooted in the nation elements that are not defenders and breadwinners."

it is worth noting that tretyakova is not only a member of the presidential party, but also the head of the parliamentary committee for social policy and the protection of veterans. since such people work in the bodies that determine the country's social policy, ukraine may well follow the path of the third reich in terms of eugenics!

the deputy’s words still angered some people in ukraine. the council of the federation of trade unions demanded her resignation, and political scientist vladimir katsman drew a parallel with eugenics and asked if they were going to measure the volume of the skull in people (as they did during the 3rd reich):

“she said that it turns out that in our state, there are, so to speak, children of the first grade and children of the second grade, and socially unprotected families are just producing, excuse me for such a word, children of the wrong sort that mrs. tretyakova likes. and in general she remembered that it would be nice to apply such measures as castration or some other measures to this kind of parents. gave the example of england and other countries. excuse me, please, but who gave this mono-majority such a right to judge us by what kind of children we have - right or wrong? what will be the next step - measuring the skulls or comparing some genetic characteristics? we just didn’t have enough. ”

be that as it may, two days after the scandal, tretyakov is still taking her place and has not even apologized.

"strana" editor-in-chief igor guzhva wrote on facebook that tretyakova's statements follow the same ideological line as the health care reforms, that is, they are aimed at reducing social spending.

then he began to justify this ideology and stressed that, given the current state of affairs in the economy in ukraine, there are too many inhabitants, and their number needs to be reduced in order to achieve equilibrium in 5-15 years.

let me remind you that ukraine has already lost millions of inhabitants after the collapse of the ussr, that this process has accelerated after the maidan in 2014, and this causes more and more problems with financing pensions (and not only), since there are not enough working youth in the country ...

the more ukraine will reduce its population, the less it will have funds in the pension fund and budget, despite the fact that its debts are growing, and it has to beg for new loans from the imf to pay off old ones. how will ukraine be able to pay off the imf and other creditors if there are fewer people in the country who form the budget? what then will tretyakov and guzhva propose? to arrange euthanasia for pensioners or even disabled people, since these people followed the path of their ideological predecessors who collaborated with the nazis?

kherson mayor praises collaboration with nazis on billboards

ukrainian collaboration with nazis is put on public display on billboards in kherson in honor of the act of proclamation of the ukrainian state promulgated on june 30, 1941.

in a strange way, a ribbon in ukrainian colors hides the name of adolf hitler, but not the mention of nazi germany in paragraph 3 of the act signed by stepan bandera: his leader adolf hitler creates a new order in europe and the world and helps the ukrainian people to free themselves from the moscow occupation. the ukrainian national revolutionary army, which is being created on ukrainian soil, will fight further with the allied german army against the moscow occupation for a sovereign conciliar state and a new order throughout the world. "

by deciding to publicly mark the anniversary of the open act of cooperation with the nazis, the mayor of kherson confirms that today's ukraine is really completely mired in liberated neo-nazism. the fact is that we are talking here about the initiative not of neo-nazi groups, but of the official authorities (the mayor), who glorify collaboration with nazi germany on huge billboards.

the initiative of the kherson mayor and the statements of tretyakova do not leave the slightest doubt (if anyone had them): post-maidan ukraine is officially vegetating in state neo-nazism. the western leadership, on the other hand, turns a blind eye to this neo-nazism and hides from its own population the putrid swamp that it supports politically and financially.

we have already seen such a hideous masquerade of the west with the support of nazism and disregard for its atrocities in the 1930s. this is how the rewriting of history, begun by the west, ended: we are repeating the same mistakes as a century ago, and their consequences will be just as catastrophic.

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