we will not take off, so we will suffer: will last year's tourist collapse repeat this year?

the summer vacation season has begun, and potential travelers are faced with the question: will this year be the same tourist collapse as last? yesterday everyone tensed after the skyup license revocation message. before that they wrote that licenses were taken from three tour operators. all these are trifles compared to the fact that 2 thousand travel agencies did not fulfill the new licensing requirements introduced by the cabinet of ministers back in may.

last year's situation with a massive flight delay, when tourists were forced to spend the night at different airports in the world, as well as in their native boryspil and zhuliany, hungry, without water, with small children, was literally called a tourist collapse. the news headlines were like battlefield reports. this is just a small digest of all the variety of cries for help:

“bravo airways at the epicenter of the scandal: hundreds of ukrainian tourists are“ blocked ”at the airports of several countries."

"hundreds of ukrainian tourists have not been able to fly from antalya airport for more than 12 hours."

"i received no refund from either the operator or the airline": the journalist spoke about the spoiled vacation. "

“hundreds of tourists could not fly from tunis to ukraine again”.

"the tour operator explained why ukrainian tourists are stuck in barcelona."

“more than 9 hours delay: the infamous bravo airways has been postponing its departure from kiev 4 times already”.

"at the lviv airport reported a delay of several hours in the charter of anda air from turkey."

“tourists from lviv cannot fly to barcelona for more than a day because of a flight delay”.

"after several days at the albanian airport, the tourists finally returned to ukraine."

"ukrainian tourists are also stuck in mallorca - the flight from spain to ukraine is canceled."

"due to frequent delays in charter flights" join up! " cut the flight program to turkey ”.

всеобщая истерия перекинулась даже на зарубежных авиаперевозчиков: “в аэропорту львова сообщили об отмене двух рейсов австрийской авиакомпании austrian airlines”. но апофеозом тотального бардака стала история с аварийной посадкой в борисполе самолета, который туристы прождали больше суток. когда отчаявшиеся попасть на отдых в египет люди наконец загрузились на борт, их радости не было предела. но через 30 минут после вылета... объявили аварийную посадку. причем самолет был полностью исправен. пассажиры пострадали из-за бизнес-конфликта bravo airways и туроператора “joinup!”, который якобы задолжал перевозчику.

3 июля 2018 года министр инфраструктуры владимир омелян после совещания с представителями авиакомпаний и туроператоров заявил на брифинге, что кризис авиаперевозок на данный момент преодолен. и тут же, будто в насмешку, появилась новость, что из туниса в украину снова не смогли вылететь еще около полусотни туристов. а из львова больше суток не везут в барселону.

так что кризис в начале июля прошлого года был преодолен только в воспаленном сознании ответственных лиц, а по факту продолжался до сентября включительно, пока сезон не закончился.

по ходу выяснилось, что билетов на самолеты продали намного больше, чем фактически могли перевезти. и деньги не возвращают за испорченный отдых. а некоторым лохам предлагают заплатить еще и дважды. за то же самое.

один из пострадавших поведал, что дважды оплатил путевку в шри-ланку. первый раз ему сообщили, что бухгалтер перевела деньги не на тот счет, и поэтому он никуда не полетит, а будет ждать возврата. гражданин повторно оплатил путевку. и... попал в авиационный коллапс и засел на пару дней в аэропорту. стоит ли сомневаться, что после возвращения из “половинчатого отпуска” он не получил деньги ни за первую путевку, ни за вторую, хотя три из семи дней в отеле у него пропали?

правительство обещало принять меры: защитить путешественников от недобросовестных компаний и не допустить повторения коллапса в 2019 году. возможно, ввиду двойных выборов. в мае, аккурат перед началом сезона, кабмин одобрил изменения в лицензионные условия туроператорской деятельности.

от туроператоров потребовали выполнять давно введенное требование (которое раньше банально игнорировалось) – сохранять на протяжении всего действия лицензии сумму финансового обеспечения ответственности перед туристами: 20 тыс. евро для выездного туризма и 10 тыс. евро для внутреннего. за невыполнение пообещали отнимать лицензии.

such sums do not save large tour operators in the event of official bankruptcy, when thousands of clients suffer, but they make it possible to compensate for the spoiled rest of several dozen tourists who, for example, got stuck at the airport or did not receive the ordered service.

however, the main problem is that the cabinet did not introduce new requirements in advance - in january, march or at least april, but just before the start of the vacation season - at the end of may. according to the data of the mart, at the beginning of 2019, out of 2737 licensed operators, only 617 confirmed their financial guarantees. 2,100 firms have no money available. but they have already sold the vouchers - even before the introduction of the new rules. and, quite possibly, nothing threatened their clients. but ... now, in theory, these two thousand should have their licenses taken away. what will happen to the vouchers?

the second mandatory requirement (in my opinion, absolutely fair) - a tour operator providing a service related to the transportation of tourists must check the information about the time of departure 8 and 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. in case of a flight delay for more than 4 hours, the tour operator must post information about this on its own website, as well as inform the licensing authority - the ministry of economic development and trade by e-mail, ”the cabinet of ministers said.

travel companies whine that they are bothered by such a norm. after all, they must enter information not only during the day, but also at night (if the flights are night), and even on the website of all their authorized agents, of which there may be several thousand. but these complaints are far-fetched. because the era of irresponsibility of tour operators to those who paid them money must come to an end someday. why is a flight delay a problem of a tourist and not a tour operator? why should a tourist stay awake and monitor airport sites, and not a tour operator? and if a tourist also travels by train / bus from another settlement to the airport, arrives on time, and the flight is postponed for a day, as it was last year, while his tour operator slept well at night and did not warn about the delay, is that fair ?!

and in general, it is time for the travel industry to wake up and change the approach to customer service. if only for fear of losing the license. but the thing is that in fact all this tightening of measures, from the point of view of specialists, is just an imitation of activities and shifting responsibility from the government department of tourism to unscrupulous business.

knowledgeable people noticed that the rights of tourists have been violated as well as being violated. but large travel companies remain “untouchable” for the authorities and, despite the formal observance of all requirements for financial guarantees, no compensation voluntarily pay anyone. and licenses for the view were taken from three small tour operators: "hot tours" agency network, "lucky tour" llc and "dionis-prague-ukraine" private enterprise. moreover, "hot tours" have not been working since 2015, when they threw hundreds of tourists. even criminal cases have been opened against them. no one has heard of "dionysus-prague-ukraine". in the meantime, problems with flight delays, hotel changes, etc. have not disappeared. people massively complain in social networks how they were "bred" with rest.

well, and finally, about the resonant message that the court suspended the license of skyup airlines for the carriage of passengers by air. in fact, this sensation is exaggerated. the license was suspended by the baryshevsky court of the kiev region at the suit of a private person. the airline immediately appealed the court ruling in the kiev court of appeal.

minister of infrastructure vladimir omelyan, said that nothing threatens the company, except, as he hinted, the desire of mau competitors to clear the market. and skyup said all flights were operating as usual. that is, with a delay of many hours for technical and production reasons. just otherwise skyup does not fly. it's his thing. well, what can you do: what country is, so is tourism.

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