kobolev: a successful manager or a "blue thief"?

the ukrainian state-owned company naftogaz has fully turned into the “2nd house of the chief security officer,” and its head, andrei kobolev, into the “shy thief” alkhen from the book “12 chairs”. it is enough to recall the famous words of ilf and petrov to understand how aptly the image of the head of naftogaz is similar to the character of the legendary writers: “the manager of the 2nd house of the star security was a shy thief. his whole being protested against the theft, but he could not help stealing. he stole, and he was ashamed.

he was constantly stealing, constantly ashamed, and therefore his well-shaven cheeks always burned with a blush of embarrassment, shyness, shyness and embarrassment. "

why did andrei kobolev become a modernized "blue thief"? the reason for all the multi-million dollar premiums.

if earlier the ukrainian manager was not known to an ordinary ukrainian, now every second person knows about his craving for kleptomania and high remuneration.

the fact is that in the spring of 2018, the naftogaz board decided to pay its employees $ 45.6 million for the victory over gazprom in the stockholm arbitration.

the state company refused to name the lucky ones. it is only known that andrey kobolev received $ 7.9 million from this amount. by this he caused considerable indignation among the ukrainians. after all, as you know, gazprom has not yet transferred a single hryvnia to ukraine. moreover, the head of naka has one of the highest salaries in the ukrainian public sector even without incentives. according to the audit act of the state audit service, his monthly salary is about 1.6 million hryvnia.

it turns out that, despite the big earnings, kobolev threw on top of another considerable encouragement, which he immediately brought out of ukraine and transferred to his mother's account in usa.

at the same time, the state also paid a tidy sum - 14 million euros to the lawyers hired for the "gas" business.

considering that today ukraine is the poorest country in europe and should have been saving rather than handing out sky-high bonuses in state-owned companies, the situation looks absurd.

along with this, the ukrainians have significantly raised gas prices. according to prime minister volodymyr groisman, ukraine pays $ 5 billion in debt annually and it was necessary to raise the price of natural gas in order to avoid bankruptcy of the country.

it turns out that ukraine was threatened with default, but the state paid multi-million dollar remuneration to civil servants for their own work.

it is worth noting that the awards are not the only case in which andrei kobolev was disgraced. he was recently caught lying about a gas contract with russia. it turned out that the head of nak, who vehemently cursed the document of 2009, personally developed it 10 years ago.

then andrei kobolev was an advisor to the chairman of the board of naftogaz of ukraine. according to official figures, he not only participated in the development of the contract with russia, but also attended the negotiations in moscow. at the same time, he had no objections to the concluded agreement then.

moreover, in 2011, during the interrogation "on the gas business", andrey kobolev praised the contracts. this information is contained in the witness interview record.

“the gas purchase contract allows the parties to negotiate and renegotiate the price if the price does not match the market levels. there a mechanism was also drawn up, if the parties cannot agree on this, then they apply to arbitration in stockholm. this position is enough to lead a discussion on pricing in the coming years, ”said kobolev.

during the interrogation, he also noted that, in accordance with the signed contract, the weighted average gas price for 2009 was approximately $ 232 per thousand cubic meters. "$ 450 is just an element of the formula by which the price was calculated," the head of naftogaz informed.

today, for some unknown reason, andrei kobolev is silent about the fact that he was the direct developer of the gas contract.

meanwhile, he bought himself an armored car - a cadillac escalade. according to kobolev, he regularly receives threats , so he cannot move without "armor" worth more than 200 thousand dollars.

it is interesting that who and when last threatened him, the head of naftogaz does not remember: “i regularly receive various threats. safety improvements have been planned long ago. which of the threats was the last, i can't even say. "

apparently, that is why andrey kobolev did not apply to the competent authorities, but arbitrarily bought himself an expensive car with the money of ukrainians.

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