poroshenko will transfer defense orders of ukraine to the former regionals?

recently, the media spread the news that the president of ukraine, petro poroshenko, is selling his "forge on rybatsky" plant to one of the former leaders of the party of regions, sergei tigipko. information on plans to change the owner of the enterprise has already been confirmed by all parties to the transaction. now the antimonopoly committee of ukraine is considering an application for granting permission to sergey tigipko to acquire the plant indirectly through the company "evinslimited" (cyprus).

it is worth noting that pjsc kuznitsa na rybatsky is one of the most famous enterprises of the ukrainian court industry, which carries out state orders. the plant is mastering the production of new developments for defense purposes, including a 40 mm uag-40 grenade launcher with domestic optics, combat modules for armored vehicles obm, bm "scorpion". in 2015, the smithy began work on the creation of two new armored vehicles - a 10-ton bm "triton" and a 15-ton bm "crossbow". at the same time, the enterprise participates in cooperation in the production of radio-electronic equipment for the protection of the state border.

in 2016, the cabinet of ministers granted the presidential plant the right to export and import military goods in the interests of its own production until 2021.

that is, the value of the “fisherman's forge” is not so much in its assets as in long-term government contracts concluded with the ministry of defense. the president himself recently stressed the importance of the enterprise's role in strengthening the defense capability of ukraine. by the way, this is exactly what he explained why he chose a former ally of yanukovych among all possible buyers.

“i want to completely avoid a conflict of interest and therefore let him have another owner. you understand why - in connection with the role in defense capability, the owner must be domestic, ”the head of the ukrainian state emphasized during his working trip to kharkiv.

it turns out that now, during the military conflict with russia, the former regionals will fulfill the state defense orders of ukraine. the question arises: is this a deliberate policy of the president or criminal myopia? and will the pro-russian team provide weapons to ukraine?

let us remind you that sergei tigipko has always chosen his place in the pro-russian wing of ukrainian politics. in 2010, by decree of viktor yanukovych, he was appointed to the post of deputy prime minister of ukraine - minister of social policy. in azarov's government tigipko worked for two years, and in march 2012 he took the position of deputy chairman of the party of regions.

at one time, petro poroshenko also worked for yanukovych's team, perhaps this was the main criterion in choosing a business proposal.

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