"second after private", or how will ukrainians be robbed using an ibox bank?

ukrainians are being prepared for the appearance on the market of a new "super-technological" ibox bank, promising a "revolution" in the market. we dug into the past of the leaders of this organization and found there banking scams, budget cut and many many abandoned depositors.

modern startups are divided into those that started in garages; and those that started in the 90s! “technological” and “innovative” bank terminal “ibox bank” is one of the latter. we will tell about it.


this is vladimir drobot. today he is a shareholder of the first ukrainian financial startup "ibox bank", but this inventor started with construction.


vladimir ivanovich shot up to zero lived an inconspicuous bureaucratic life, managing state-owned enterprises and even managed to head the kp "trukhanov island", later renamed the "general directorate for servicing foreign missions." this position became a springboard for further business success of vladimir ivanovich, because it gave him the necessary political connections, which are traditionally the basis for all ukrainian "startups".

closer to zero, the bureaucratic activity of the fraction began to decline, and on the eve of the revolution of dignity, who had already been a member of the kiev council from the bytes, vladimir drobot, together with his brother anatoly, ran the kiev construction company miskinvestbud, which was the main the brothers' "monetary" asset.



in 2015, shots through their companies "green apex", "envil" and "energobudleasing" acquire more than 60% of the shares of the kiev woodworking plant no. 7. the brothers needed the dock for further expansion in the construction market.

and the purchase gave a result - they got a contract for the reconstruction of buildings on trukhanov island in 2015! then their "kievmiskbud" single-handedly benefited from a contract for the construction of a cottage community on the order of the kp "general directorate for servicing foreign missions" in pushcha-voditsa, after which the cottages that were supposed to go into the ownership of the state moved into private hands, only tennis courts. ( https://goo.gl/hsmtdc ). echoes of that scandal can still be found on the internet .

the useful habit of giving out living space to officials in exchange for loyalty has brought future bankers into fractions the opportunity to earn on other streams. the startup “one billion hryvnia into the pipe” was the next case of the brothers krototov and was implemented through the llc “gas construction company”, which is owned by the common-law wife of vladimir drobot, lena godyaeva. the former kgb deputy and his brother received a contract from ukratransnafta pjsc for overhaul of the brody-state border oil pipeline, first for uah 320 million in 2008, and then for half a billion hryvnia in 2015.


but working with state-owned companies, you can only steal the property of state-owned companies, and "businessmen" needed someone else's and more, so they got to know the bank swindler zhenya berezovsky, well-known in all the cis.


evgeniy became famous for being a top manager in the team of the alfa bank (ukraine), which helped alfa's russian daughter escape from our country during the maidan. however, you should not call him “pro-russian”, evgeny is “pro-money”, because after the departure of the russians, he threw them for 30 million hryvnias! glory to ukraine! ( http://grominfo.eu/news/ru/component/content/article/832-bankir-anatolij-shapovalov-i-nemnogo-ob-aferistah-i -lohah-v-alfa-banke-e-berezovskij-a-lukanov-i-samozvanec-e-rozman - more information on the link)

with your favorite investment banker viktor yanukovych nikolai lagoon, berezovsky developed an effective scheme for legalizing assets - he issued loans to his own companies. then, together with the lagoon, they gutted billions of hryvnias from omega bank depositors. ( https://goo.gl/lcnycu - more information on the link )

далее евгений березовский кинул дельта банк, где работал одним из топ-менеджеров. по той же схеме - вывел 3,5 миллиона гривен в виде кредитов. деньги березовский влил в новый банк – агроком. а когда все закончилось березовский уходит из дельты. куда бы вы думали? правильно, в агрокомбанк на руководящую должность!

match? ( https://goo.gl/hgoq24 - more information on the link )

женя березовский, как успешный стартапер нашего времени слинял из дельты не пустыми руками. а утащил с собой в агроком сеть платёжных терминалов «айбокс», которые прогнозируемо начал считать «своими». кстати о терминалах березовского, стоило ему перенять управление сетью «айбокс» как он тут же вляпывается в скандал с обналичиванием денег сепаратистов. ( https://goo.gl/v7tjhu - more information on the link )

in 2016 evgeny berezovsky brings his own 5000 terminals to the agrocombank and becomes its shareholder. then the name of the agrokombank is changed to “ibox bank” and now co-owner of the bank, evgeny berezovsky, begins to inflate the bubble of “ibox” in the manner of how the former owners did with “privat”.

pr campaign of the "ibox bank" surprisingly distracted the attention of ukrainians from the fact that the agrocombank, which turned into an "ibox", over the 20 years of its actual existence, acquired only 1000 individual customers!


what are the risks of such phenomena for the depositor? as a rule, such “clients” are people or companies who are friendly to the bank's management, because a bank is an institution that operates mainly with the capital of depositors, pouring its funds only into proven and profitable projects. and if the number of depositors has not changed over 20 years, this means that agrokombank from the moment of its foundation until 2016 lived on the money of these 1000 "clients", which is simply impossible for a working bank.

such clients are used to withdraw money from the bank's turnover and it works like this:

  • potentially unscrupulous management launches a powerful pr campaign provoking depositors to make deposits;


  • when the amount of money in the bank's accounts reaches a sufficient amount, the swindlers begin to intensively lend to a "friendly thousand" clients under absolutely legal pretexts;

  • for some time the bank has been operating in a pyramid scheme, when, on the one hand, honest depositors bring money to the deposit, and on the other hand, this money is credited to a “friendly thousand” clients;

  • when the bank's balances become clearly negative - the nbu, according to the letter of the law, begins the process of liquidation or nationalization of the bank (depending on the circumstances);


  • the end of the story is a completed liquidation or nationalization. bank depositors lose their money. the bank ceases to exist. all responsibility is removed from him, and all residents of ukraine are already paying the debts of the bank with their taxes.


it is interesting that the national bank itself has no illusions about the account of the startup berezovsky, because even despite the equity participation in the ibox bank, today berezovsky occupies only only the position of managing director, while he applied for chairman of the board. pre-management is a higher position and is coordinated with the national bank of ukraine. but the nbu did not approve eugene. probably because mr. berezovsky, with his "startups", violated a huge number of points of the internal regulations of the nbu and today is on the verge of being recognized as "a person with an impeccable reputation."


and here is a recent fact that will alert any depositor - on february 13, 2018, the most reputable credit rating agency stopped the long-term credit rating of "ibox bank"! thus, the loans issued by the bank of shot-berezovsky are already recognized as risky!

https://goo.gl/kjx17f - article.

but now the "ibox bank" is completing its additional capitalization and is preparing to become a noticeable player in the ukrainian market. according to experts, if an active pr-campaign of ibox services starts in 2018, then by 2020 we will witness the second series of 'nationalization in a new way', but already 'ibox bank', during which the 'friendly 1000 depositors' will go bankrupt taking with him the money of gullible clients of "ibox".


and before the scam of berezovsky becomes a reality, the entire business environment of ukraine expects that the state regulator, the national bank of ukraine, will be interested in a bank that has earned only 1000 individual depositors and was thrown out of the most authoritative credit rating "for business reasons" even before the start of active activity in the market.

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