two" heroes "from nikolaev

an oligarch and a bribe-taker - here they are, the official" heroes of ukraine ". and this is in a warring, bleeding country. the owner of the agro-giant "nibulon" alexei vadatursky and the ex-governor of the nikolayev region nikolay romanchuk - two friends, two "heroes", two business partners. one, a romanchuk, was caught in the summer with a huge bribe, and in the dungeons they found untold riches. the second, vadatur, dodges tens of millions of dollars in taxes. and if only this ...

three years have passed since those bloody days on the maidan, which were supposed to change ukraine. the heroes of the "heavenly hundred" were not sorry for their lives for the sake of cleansing the country. but the above-mentioned official "heroes of ukraine" value their wealth more than anyone's ideals and even lives. and everything is not enough for them. let's at least go over their "heroic" biographies in order to state with bitterness: real heroes on the maidan and at the front are dying for you and me, and "coupons" are being cut like these two.

nikolaev. the city of shipbuilders, nikolayevshchina - rich and generous land, hardworking people. in general, there is everything to enrich a lot with business acumen and lack of conscience. alexei vadatursky began by driving collective farms to bankruptcy and privatization for a pittance - the first victim was a farm in the village of lidievka . on the lands thus acquired, he began to grow many things. today the share of nibulon in grain exports is estimated at almost 20%! another "hero" - nikolai romanchuk - meanwhile headed the ocean shipyard. it was for the nibulon, the plant built the most ships , using all the resources. until he went bankrupt just when the huge order had already been completed almost in full. mutually beneficial cooperation, isn't it?

these "worthy" people have never hidden their friendship. it was the vadatursky (senior - agro-tycoon and junior - people's deputy) who lobbied for the appointment of romanchuk as governor and for the first time, in 2014, at the time of the annexation of the crimea and the beginning of the war in donbass, and second time . but they achieved only his appointment as first deputy governor. then vadatur sr. began to push through an old acquaintance in the presidential administration the appointment of his son as governor . didn't work out. and last summer memorable events took place in the lives of our heroes. it is not in vain that even when he was appointed governor almost two years ago romanchuk said that the first thing he would do was go to the local detention center - to check how people live there. looked after the bunks more comfortable? he ended up on them, "burned out" on a bribe of 100 thousand dollars . and in the dungeons of his mini-mezhyhirya they discovered untold riches ! the vadaturs quickly began to distance themselves from their old friend, and the younger, people's deputy andrei alekseevich, not having received the coveted post of governor, left the presidential party "solidarity" with a scandal. although the bpp remained in the faction, he is such a principled, "heroic" son.

"bpp is a party in power that no one needs anymore." do you know who said that? no, not yulia tymoshenko and not yuri boyko. and not even oleg lyashko. these are the words of the recent head of the nikolaev regional organization of this very party andrey of vadatursky . you read this interview! party affairs for them are the same business. here is an indicative fragment:

andrei vadatursky: there were people who invested money and time in the party. i tried to persuade them to join the party with great difficulty. on the one hand, we were all in the president's party and supported his ideas. on the other hand, there were some personal obligations to people who had already been attracted to the party.

correspondent: how many and whose people should you add to the list?

andrei vadatursky: 30% - from the people's deputies, 30% - the people of the governor, 30% - from the head of the party in the nikolaev region. and then at the last moment, when the lists were formed, another 30% of the "hit" was added.

having managed to quarrel with former party members, vadatur jr. continues to "bring down" the bill on river collection in parliament, which would put the company "nibulon" with its considerable fleet on an equal footing with other carriers. which means that this monopolist could no longer profit so much from cargo transportation. for reference: out of 5 million cargoes a year on ukrainian rivers, 3 million are transported by "nibulon", with a minimum rate of deductions. by the way, the "nibulon" switched to river transport after its trucks with grain smashed all the roads of the nikolaev and odessa regions (the trucks were loaded much more than they should be, but their people in the "ukravtodors" turned a blind eye to this). for many years the vadaturs had excellent connections in specialized departments, including the ministry of transport (later - the ministry of infrastructure). now they are tearing and raving about the overly principled minister, vladimir omelyan. but one of the fragments of the above-mentioned interview can be considered the confession of andrei vadatursky: “in ports, on the roads, on the railroad, there are corruption schemes that ruin and stretch everything”. who knows this if not him and his "hero" -father.

интересно теперь вот что: насколько профессиональной и принципиальной окажется военная прокуратура, расследуя дело взяточника николая романчука? большой «друг» украины, беглый юрист андрей портнов недавно написал: «вся операция по продаже этого уголовного дела с момента задержания фигуранта до его исчезновения от всех вместе взятых органов заняла всего три дня. я уверенно говорю о продаже уголовного дела, потому что не могли же все эти органы после успешных реформ слаженно прозевать такую крупную и резонансную птицу сразу после того, как сами же ее (птицу) и задержали». правда, позднее романчук нашелся, и его таки взяли под стражу. недавно суд приступил к изучению материалов дела. так станет ли романчук «колоться» по поводу своих связей с вадатурскими, которые после ареста шарахаются от романчука как от прокаженного?

however, the nuances of the relationship between these "heroes of ukraine" are not very pleasant and interesting. details of their "exploits" are replete with the entire internet. another thing is interesting: is it possible to introduce moral responsibility for such people? is it worth revising the list of all the "heroes" who received this title from the hands of the compromised presidents? maybe it is worth cleaning up this list significantly? by the way, romanchuk had the audacity to declare that during the search they had “stolen” the star of the hero of ukraine. whether it is true or manipulation, it is not important for us now, but it is important that people with a tarnished reputation should be confiscated such awards for which thousands of ukrainians have been paying with their lives for three years! at least until they defend their good name in an open court with public participation. and this is hardly within the power of such nikolaev comrades-"heroes" as vadatur and romanchuk, even with all their millions ...

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