billionaire under sealant

new twist and new suspects may soon appear in the controversial case 43-year-old russian billionaire with ukrainian "roots", ceo of the holding "forum" dmitry mikhalchenko.

in the spring he was arrested in st. petersburg for smuggling elite alcohol under the guise of building materials. a few days ago, mikhalchenko's personal sommelier, a well-known expert in the field of branded alcohol brands, aleksey mishchenko, was summoned from abroad for interrogation. after many hours of conversation, the investigators released the sommelier on recognizance not to leave and transparently hinted that his status in the criminal case could be changed to a less pleasant and safe one. the hint, most likely, will be perceived correctly, and the investigation will receive the new facts and evidence it needs.

at the moment in a criminal case under part 3 of art. 200.2 of the criminal code of the russian federation "alcohol smuggling by an organized group" as the accused, in addition to mikhalchenko, are also his deputy, the former deputy head of the ubep guvd for st. trading company ilya pichko. all of them were detained this spring as a result of a special operation carried out by fsb officers.

the detectives also have a number of acute questions to a certain vladimir krasavkin, a highly mysterious person. in the recent past, an employee of one of the law enforcement agencies, it was he who provided the "concessionaires" with support and paternal care from law enforcement agencies. krasavkin is officially unemployed. however, a person deprived of official sources of income nevertheless has numerous expensive real estate in russia (moscow, saint petersburg, etc.), in ukraine, the baltics and western european countries. so far krasavkin is under recognizance not to leave, but the investigators have already petitioned to put him in the "lefortovo": too many people this man can shut their mouths, walking free. there is indirect information about his involvement in a number of murders and unknown disappearances of entrepreneurs in the 90s and later, pressure on bankers and laundering of funds obtained from illegal circulation of weapons and psychotropic drugs. there is evidence of his friendly relations with the "godfather" of st. petersburg, vladimir sergeevich kumarin (barsukov) and their regular communication in the casino "golden country". it is possible that a number of high-profile contract killings not only in russia c. from. coumarin was carried out directly from v.v. krasavkin.

it is assumed that he was the main "think tank" of the criminal group, and not too rich and busy with his other business plans mikhalchenko. however, krasavkin's figure is a pure "black box", absolutely closed to the outside world. even information about him in any public sources a couple of years ago was thoroughly "cleaned up", and all at the same time.

the main persons involved in the case initially completely denied their guilt. then an agreement with the investigation was concluded by anatoly kindzersky, and in may, after the arrest was extended, dmitry mikhalchenko also announced his readiness to testify.

according to the investigation, the criminal group operated for over a year. the opportunity to expand to the full extent gave her not only the special position and authority of mikhalchenko, but also the variety of his business interests. the businessman, ranked 46th in the rating of russian billionaires, owns not only one of the largest construction companies in the country, but also many other assets, including a restaurant business. as the operatives found out, through the customs point "ust-luga" in containers under the guise of building materials and liquid sealant with the help of the company "contrail logistics north-west" for expensive restaurants owned by mikhalchenko, they supplied wines, whiskey and cognac of elite brands. for example, a 1912 collectible courvoisier worth about 500 thousand rubles per bottle - several hundreds of such rarities were found in containers. the price of other bottles ranged from 10 to 50 thousand rubles apiece. the total cost of the contents of two containers with contraband alcohol, according to experts, could be about 3 million euros. after evaluating a tenth of the smuggling, investigators named a more modest amount - 1.7 million rubles. but even this was enough to talk about the "large scale" of the crime and initiate a case under the relevant article.

by the way, mikhalchenko himself, immediately after his arrest, publicly expressed his indignation at the amount of damage that he was charged with: for him it is essentially a "penny", and therefore he considered the accusation "absurd". “the port of bronka needs 23 billion today ... we still need to master state funding,” he said, referring to the project of a deep-water port on the baltic sea not far from st. petersburg and a multifunctional sea transshipment complex, which the forum -private partnership (the total amount of investments until 2017 will be about 60 billion rubles). the fortune of mikhalchenko himself today is estimated at 18 billion rubles. this is largely why the court refused to release him on bail of 50 million rubles - for the businessman it really was "not money."

however, the smuggling case really looks small against the background of another major scandal, which also involved mikhalchenko and his holding - the theft of more than 50 million rubles allocated from the budget for the restoration of cultural heritage objects (the accused is former deputy minister of culture of the russian federation grigory pirumov). the head of the baltstroy company, integrated into the forum, was also in custody - it was she who was supposed to carry out restoration work, for example, in the izborsk fortress near pskov, from where the money “sailed away” in an unknown direction.

what is true is true: firms controlled by dmitry mikhalchenko periodically got into the criminal media chronicle in connection with large thefts and scandalous arrests. this businessman is used to acting on a grand scale and not being shy in choosing the means of enrichment. in fact, today he has created his own "empire" in st. petersburg and in the north-west of russia in general, and in relations with neighboring "states" he showed the manners of a dictator and an aggressor.

it is interesting that mikhalchenko started his way up the business ladder from ukraine. at the age of 18, while still a student at the technical school of marine instrumentation, he began to make purchases at a meat processing plant in velikie luki, later became the commercial director of this enterprise and participated in the opening of a company from the plant in ukraine. however, soon the trade in meat and offal seemed to him not very promising, and he sold his share of the business to his companion vladimir podvalny.

then the young businessman made every effort to conquer the northern capital. for this, his extensive (including family) ties in law enforcement structures and the fsb were involved. in the early 2000s, the forum company he founded received the right to renovate and lease retail space and catering points at all st. petersburg railway stations. the holding acquired its own security agency "magistral", which also collected fees from these points. then mikhalchenko and his partner nikolay negodov bought a spinning and thread mill named after i. kirov and the izmeron plant. today the holding's assets are distributed across a dozen different business areas - from restaurants to a single document center, from clothing stores to baltstroy, the largest contractor that carries out orders for the restoration of the hermitage and other historical buildings not only in st. petersburg, but throughout russia.

mikhalchenko is included not only in the rating of billionaires, but also in the tacit list of "russian mafiosi" and managed to get the stable nickname "dima krikun" in st. petersburg for his tendency to noise and rage during oral and physical "showdowns". in his "asset" - the toughest methods of "solving issues" in business, characteristic of the 90s, with which he was raised and brought up. his name is associated with raider seizures, including network firms, pressure and threats, suspicion of involvement in the murder of major businessmen-competitors, including the head of the security agency "escort" roman zepov, who was mysteriously poisoned after drinking tea in the guvd and fsb. mikhalchenko's business saga is a brief summary of the criminal code: organizing illegal checks of the banking sector with the help of patrons from law enforcement agencies, deliberate bankruptcies and ordered actions against rivals in the market, extortion, fraud, and much more. in general, as they say, "and hell followed him." although there is nothing to be surprised at - in the post-soviet space, 90% of the current billions accumulated in this way. we do not have "non-frostbitten" billionaires, and there never were.

mikhalchenko's impunity was largely due to the fact that he - as the faithful son of lieutenant schmidt - constantly pedaled his alleged involvement in the fsb and its structures, and even became a co-founder of the organization "managing the affairs of the regional public fund to support the fsb and svr." legally, this fund was not associated with the fsb, but was under the tacit patronage of high-ranking security officers - and mikhalchenko actively used his "public work" to intimidate and pacify partners or opponents. part of the fund's resources went to “remunerate” middle-level security officials in exchange for “protecting” the business. such strong ties only contributed to my further career. moreover, many high-ranking police officers and investigators, when communicating with mikhalchenko, reflexively carried out the commands “equal up”, “at attention” and “on guard!”, and this has long been no secret for both russian capitals. mikhalchenko was drawn to power, and the government reciprocated.

the arrest of mikhalchenko was a rather unpleasant surprise for many security officials of st. petersburg, but this event fully fits into the mainstream of the latest reshuffles in the law enforcement and government bodies of the northern capital and at the federal level. the “empire” belonging to the billionaire, for all its loyalty to the authorities, has grown too much, received unreasonably powerful levers of influence, and its founder at some point began to consider himself almost omnipotent. in today's russia, only one person is allowed to do this. as a high-ranking fsb officer put it in an interview with one of the news portals, commenting on the arrest of billionaire dmitry mikhalchenko, "kashcha from the russian fairy tale in vain imagines himself to be immortal - what is the moral."

it would be better, probably, the disgraced "emperor" was still selling ukrainian pork and did not make napoleonic plans. everything started so well twenty years ago ...

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