банкоматы как враг государства

маразм гонтаревой крепчает с каждым днем. не так давно мы писали , что в украине началась эпидемия замораживания платежных карт и текущих счетов за «подозрительное движение денег» на них.

новая стадия обострения ознаменовалась телеграммой нбу №25-0004/31760 «щодо фінансових операцій з отримання готівки», которая уже неделю обсуждается в соцсетях. подозрительным теперь считается (вдумайтесь!) систематическое снятие наличных со счетов. зачем тогда вообще выдавать населению банковские карточки? демонтировать банкоматы и конец!

найти оригинал письма от 13.04.2016 г. №25-0004/31760 оказалось не так и просто. на сайте нбу в разделе «нормативные документы» висят одни постановления. а сми, в том числе даже «урядовий кур'єр», ошибочно назвали эпистолярный шедевр нацбанка телеграммой. и хотя это родственные жанры с письмом, неточность усложняла поиск оригинала.

зачем нам нужен был оригинал? ну, очень хотелось собственными глазами увидеть, что там реально написана такая чушь, как пересказывают на сайтах и в соцсетях. в общем, в конце концов, нашли. прочитали. убедились. да, все верно. если предыдущее замораживание карт было борьбой с подозрительным движением денег, то сейчас другая цель – война с обналичкой.

обоснование изложено тут же, в письме. поскольку за четвертый квартал 2015 года с карточных счетов в украинских банках было снято на 18% больше, чем за третий – 250,7 млрд. грн., при этом заметно выросли суммы, снимаемые со счетов в терминалах банковских отделений, банкам велено предпринимать два действия. первое – сначала остановить движение по счету и не дать человеку, получившему крупную сумму денег, ни перевести ее дальше, ни снять в банкомате либо через кассу. второе – связаться с владельцем счета и потребовать у него подтверждение данной транзакции.

а если человек не раз в месяц получает зарплату, а сдельно? если он вообще работы не имеет, потому что у нас правительство – дебилы, нбу – дебилы, а власть – сплошной слепой траст?

скажем, если это деньги на лечение – то справка из больницы. если на учебу – из учебного заведения. если это нелегальная выплата зарплаты, то явка с повинной и в тюрьму. если кто-то собрался в турпоездку или делает ремонт в квартире – докажи, сволочь, что ты не отмываешь свои грязные деньги со своего же счета.

stupid question: why do i need a card, if regularly taking money from it is a crime against financial stability? the answer in the national bank's version looks exactly like this: the card is needed to put money on it, and not withdraw it. the financial system of the country is in dire need of your bubble, citizens. and the fact that you, too, need it, is on a drum for the country.

in this regard, i liked one of the commentators of the "uryadovy kur'ur", who said that "everything is found at the border of the border with european norms and approaches to robotic banks. private individuals, as they do not share the fate of such schemes, the new recommendation of the regulator does not get stuck in the same rank. as if lyudina had cut off the salary for two months, or if they had to go to other private individuals, so that they wouldn’t make claims to the bank ”.

smart! what if a person receives a salary more than once a month, but piecework? if he doesn't have a job at all, because our government is morons, the nbu is morons, and the government is a blind trust?

it is thanks to their titanic efforts that our exports have been rolling down since 2014 and cannot stop. only export volumes to china, while we were groping for the “new silk road” in the steppes of kazakhstan, fell by 59.4% by january 2015, which was also not particularly successful.

for reference.
according to the latest data from the state statistics service, by the end of 9 months of 2015 in ukraine there were employed (including self-employed) 16.5 million people aged 15 to 70 years. despite the fact that the working-age population is officially 20 million, and in march 2016 only 467.5 thousand were registered as unemployed

how do people need to live? not everyone stands at checkpoints and hunts for drivers of bla-bla-cars. someone is engaged in repairs, breeds chickens, sells goods by mail. survive, parasites, as best they can, despite the strict currency and hryvnia policy of the financial regulator.

but the regulator doesn't like it. and realizing, finally (two years have not passed), the fact that money goes somewhere near the payment system and, accordingly, past the watchful eye of the nbu, he decided to fight it.

no, i assure you, everyone who is found to have a more or less lively movement of money in the account will be a nightmare. as noted, special attention should be paid to socially vulnerable segments of the population: students, retirees, temporarily unemployed, on maternity leave, etc.

those banks that have not yet gone bankrupt through the efforts of the national bank and their own shareholders (sometimes it seems as if they are almost close relatives - the author) are obliged to strictly follow the instructions of the regulator, otherwise “it’s not out of place to penalize, but to see general license ", as" uryadovy kur'ur "wrote.

the argument that in the fourth quarter of 2015 through atms they withdrawn 18% more than in the third quarter, according to financial analyst alexander okhrimenko, is absolutely far-fetched. the end of the year is the season for activation of payments. new year's holidays, trips, paying taxes in fop, completing apartment renovations, promotions and discounts on goods - all this makes people withdraw their "stash".

it is no coincidence that statistics for the 4th quarter of 2015, when the second quarter of the current year has already started, were added to the letter sent on april 13, 2016. why is there no data in the justification for the first quarter of 2016? because in january everyone is resting and spending what they took in december, and the activity of financial transactions is falling.

defenders of the national bank will probably say that those who, as the letter says, receive money from legal entities, for example, in the form of "returnable financial assistance", will be caught. or runs to the atm on the same day or the next business days after they are credited. according to statistics, such ... 99%.

no, i assure you, everyone who finds a more or less lively movement of money in their account will be a nightmare. as noted, special attention should be paid to socially vulnerable segments of the population: students, retirees, temporarily unemployed, on maternity leave, etc.

by the way, again on social networks i read about the first "fat" catch of the fighters against cash. caught grandpa. pensioner. who regularly received large sums of money on his card and immediately withdrew them. grandfather's pension is small. thought it washes away the old tree stump. it turned out that he was using prosthetics, which at our prices for dentistry is the same as repairing a foreign car. and the money was thrown to him by a taxi driver to whom he rented his pickup. in short, they uncovered a criminal cash-out network and liquidated a gang consisting of a toothless grandfather and a horseless taxi driver.

of course, not all examples are so pastoral. the volume of wandering cash amounts to hundreds of millions and even billions of hryvnias. the cheaper the hryvnia, the more impressive the figures. there are clever people who load cash into atms with boxes of tomatoes and unload them in the same way.

but not all of them finance terrorism and launder dirty money. some just do business, survive on their own and let others survive. and they use cash because no one knows which bank will be next after "delta", "khreshchatyk", etc. and if gontareva gets her family money in any case, as we have already seen in practice, then everyone else will have to be content with uah 200 thousand. compensation (at best), and then, if they are individuals. legal entities and fops do not shine anything at all.

therefore, the next war with the business activity of the population will have one undoubtedly predictable effect - money will no longer be passed through banks and atms at all. will pass, as in the 90s, bags, from hand to hand. dangerous - they can shoot, but there is no hemorrhoids from the national bank.

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