10 thousand dollars in a trash can, or as a liquidator of a free port bank" cleans up "assets with a profit for himself

in a problem bank in odessa" free port "employee of the fund for guaranteeing deposits of individuals, leading specialist in resolving bank insolvencies igor krasyuk organized a number of schemes and, together with the team, is plundering uah 300 million. the first tranche of the nbu issued for payment to customers and depositors of the bank.

the height of cynicism of the "modest" employee of the fgvfl igor krasyuk was his activity on the issue of compensation for damages to depositors and clients of the joint-stock bank "free port". the bank was one of the oldest banks not only in odessa, but also in ukraine (received a license from the nbu in 1991) and its main clients were sailors and shipping companies. at the beginning of the liquidation, the bank had 16 thousand accounts, the total amount of compensation was uah 510 million. but the former shareholders and the bank's management during the period of the national bank of ukraine's curatorship regime were able to free and illegally transfer 192 credit cases to the factoring company tov "top-finance" (kiev ). this violated the bank's solvency, and the amount of direct losses to the state increased by another uah 37 million.

igor krasyuk began his work at ab "free port" with a series of press conferences , where he reassured bank depositors through the media успокаивал вкладчиков банка . krasyuk assured depositors and clients that the state and the deposit guarantee fund do not recognize the actions of the owners as legitimate and will demand through the court that the capital structure repayment of obligations to the nbu.

igor krasyuk, liquidator of the odessa free port bank

while the depositors and clients of the ill-fated bank trustingly hoped for a quick and positive outcome of the case, the liquidator negotiated with the defendant firm behind their backs. and on january 28, 2015, igor krasyuk personally withdraws the appeal against “top finance” from the court, completely “forgetting” about the financial claims against the factoring company.

vityag from the virok of the court of appeal of the odessa region, provadzhennya number: 22-c / 785/1556/15

in the court of the appellation of the court, the representative of the pat ab "free port" krasyuk i.i. the appeal from the appeal to the "top financial" and asking to close the appeal of the provision on the basis of the right, having pressed the court to declare that the inheritance of the indictment of the claim before the appeal. 300 cpc of ukraine yom vіdomі and zrozumіli.

the amount of the “kickback” received by krasyuk for this review is in the millions, because the nbu gave the first tranche (out of the estimated uah 500 million) in the amount of uah 300 million to maintain liquidity. and the guarantee for the return of this state money should have been the very 192 loans issued by the bank and illegally transferred to the factoring firm top-finance.

with a more close study of the activities of the factoring company "top finance", it becomes clear that this is a "gasket" company. the head inna kan created several more similar companies in odessa and kiev. the holder of 100% of the shares of top finance is the company "kredo consult", where the founders are the same inna kan and vadim todorov (in the recent past - the head of the executive service of the primorsky district). todorov was the representative of the candidate for mayor of odessa elena alekseenko, who ran from the patriot party in the 2015 elections, and the leader of the patriot party is nikolai golomsha, the former first deputy prosecutor general in 2007-2010. and in 2014 in october 2014 golomsha fell under the lustration law and was fired.

according to available information, the ultimate owner of "top finance" is a citizen of the manteyev, also one of the former employees of law enforcement agencies in odessa. in the actions of the aforementioned persons, a corruption motive is clearly traced, but for some reason the fund for guaranteeing deposits of individuals, which should guard the interests of the state and citizens, does not see anything criminal in this and large-scale embezzlement.

now the liquidator is selling movable and immovable property for a pittance, appropriating significant sums and thus depriving depositors and clients of the possibility of full compensation for financial damage. at the same time, the well-being of the krasyuk himself and his family is growing without looking back at the deep economic crisis in ukraine. igor krasyuk is very fond of expensive cars, which he ruthlessly breaks in accidents. so, in dnipropetrovsk, on the street. gusenko, 17, he became a participant in an accident, crashing his bmw with the status number ae8888ka in an accident. and on his 18th birthday, his loving father igor presented his son svyatoslav with a car dealership registered in the unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs as prestige autosale llc (code 35679997). as well as a porsche cayenne car with prestigious numbers ae 4444 at. in addition, svyatoslav krasyuk is currently an employee of the free port bank, with a monthly salary of uah 30,000, which igor krasyuk personally appointed him.

porsche cayenne car, presented to son by igor krasyuk

together with oleg pavlovsky from dnepropetrovsk (his wife olga, brother spartak and igor krasyuk are co-founders of several more money washer firms) and manteyev from odessa, schemes were created to sell bank property for only 30% of its market value. naturally, this property is sold to "their" people. and the appetites of financial fraudsters, who are “protected” by krasyuk, grow every day. they steal not in thousands, but in millions, and depositors wait for the promised money, knocking over the bank's thresholds for months.

the question to head of fgvfl konstantin vorushilin - how long will he tolerate this or is he covering up the frauds and theft of the liquidator of the free port bank igor krasyuk? and will the defrauded depositors and clients of the bank be able to receive a refund from the fund if the financial assistance provided by the free port is “liquidated” by such liquidators as igor krasyuk?

at the beginning of 2016 on the website of the ak "port-free" information appeared that the deposit guarantee fund extended the liquidation of the ab "port-free" until january 29, 2018 inclusive. delegating at the same time the entire range of powers to prepare the necessary procedures for the complete liquidation of the bank to the same igor krasyuk.

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