entrepreneur natalia tsiklauri:" i am wanted by interpol? yes let them come! i'll tell you everything ... ”

last week, a number of mass media published open letters from russian entrepreneur natalia cyclauri, who is on the international wanted list of interpol. the woman claims that in russia her life and the lives of her relatives are in danger, and her business is being taken away by people whose names make ordinary judges and investigators numb.

her position seemed curious to us. and the big names she calls, we will not hide, are very interested. however, an attempt to meet with cyclauri and personally talk did not lead to anything - she flatly refused to leave the place where she was hiding. in return, we were asked to ask questions and get answers via the internet. what came out of this, to judge you ...

- mrs. cyclauri, what caused the appearance of open letters, which received many media last week?

ts .: i said, i say and will say that my ex-husband, arthur isakov, with whom we lived for about 17 years, oppresses me. over the years, i have earned 12 million dollars by long, hard work. since doing business in russia is not just difficult, but simply dangerous, i managed to transfer most of this money through latvia and cyprus to germany and georgia.

having learned about this, isakov, a former kgb officer, using his connections, entered into an agreement with the employees of the investigative department of the ministry of internal affairs in moscow. on september 6, 2013, a certain lieutenant colonel gordienko opened a criminal case under the article “fraud” “against an unidentified person”. and already on december 2, the accused suddenly appeared in his case - my daughter gayane zainabutdinova and me. on november 21 of the same year, the same lieutenant colonel instituted another criminal case “against an unidentified person”. and on february 12, 2014, zaynabutdinova again and cyclauri again were brought in as defendants in this criminal case.

according to gordienko, transactions with the property of enterprises, not agreed with the husband, are an attempt to steal his property. these are the wonders of police logic!

but it's not so bad. the fact is that in december last year, gayane, who could not leave with me, was sentenced by the lefortovo district court of moscow to 6 years in prison. the poor girl was sent to jail right from the courtroom!

from that moment on, i really began to fear for my life. for the lives of their children and parents. that is why i was forced to re-apply with open letters to the media in order to draw public attention to this chaos.

- and in these letters you mention very famous names, claiming that all these people are against you.

ts .: i said frankly a year ago that i do not believe in the justice of a corrupt judicial system. judge for yourself - olga yegorova has been the chairman of the moscow city court for 14 years. her husband, sergei egorov, headed the fsb academy. arthur isakov, who is ready to put both me and my daughter in prison for money, studied at the same academy. a coincidence? i'm sure not.

i have heard that egorova has already been caught on a bribe of 7 million dollars. and it was only thanks to her husband that she did not suffer any punishment. in general, there is no need to speak of any objectivity in the moscow city court today. and the verdict passed by her subordinate, judge of the lefortovo court, elena kaneva, confirms my innocence. i would like to personally meet this cane, to look into her eyes ...

- but egorova is just one of the names that you mentioned.

ts .: of course! you understand, my ex-husband is a puppet of the podolsk organized crime group. the “green light” in prosecutors and courts is provided to him personally by the son of the prosecutor general of the russian federation, artem chaika, who was suspected of having links with criminals. yegorova, by the way, is covered and protected by mr. ivanov, the head of the presidential administration of russia. now can you imagine the level of people trying to take my business away? and why am i afraid for my life?

- in the media they write that your daughter gayane was a nominal director of firms and what she did - she signed documents on the sale of the business - she did at your direction.

ts .: she's actually an adult. but what i want to draw your attention to is the russian media. by the way, i generally have the impression that there are no more honest journalists in this country. today only the popular russian tv journalist andrei karaulov is on the side of my family. it is the only mouthpiece for russia, whom i deeply respect and who trusts me. a crystal clear person, not mired in corruption, like all these heads of the moscow city court, the supreme court, the prosecutor general's office in the person of chaika, lopatin, green, the investigative committee and other investigative, supervising and judicial bodies.

now respected people, deputies of the federal assembly of the russian federation sergei reshulsky, nikolai gonchar, andrey isaev, olga batalina, have joined my business in russia. they agree with me about corruption in the highest echelons of power.

- but you are in the interpol wanted database.

c .: so what? now i live in my native georgia, where no one and nothing threatens me. they say about me - she is wanted by interpol, the prosecutor's office of the federal republic of germany is looking for her ... but let them come here, i'll tell them everything about the russian mafia in uniform.

but i won't go to them myself. i do not need it.

- why is he looking for you in germany? according to our information, two criminal cases have been initiated against you there.

ts .: all this was invented by the ex-husband, mr. isakov. the charge of deceiving the german court was false, i was simply let down by my poor knowledge of the language. nevertheless, today i cannot calmly take and come to this country. well, how can a person in such conditions fight for the return of his honest name?

- mrs. cyclauri, where did you study - at the leningrad state university or the tyumen medical institute?

ts .: i studied in tbilisi. but this has nothing to do with the topic of our conversation.

- you are simply accused of using fake higher education documents.

ts .: well, what's the difference that i finished. are we now talking about a business that is insolently taken away from me in russia, or about where i sat at my desk? learning, by the way, is never too late. i want to, even if i go tomorrow.

now i want to state only one thing - the arbitrariness that the law enforcement and judicial authorities of the russian federation are doing must be stopped! supreme cynicism to be the supreme judge, attorney general, head of the main investigation department - and to use his enormous power to "squeeze out" the business he likes. but i did not plow for nothing for 20 years to just give up!

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