rally sweden: team overview

a new season of the world rally championship has started in sweden.

below is information on how the participating teams prepared for the championship and comments from top riders on what they expect from the new wrc season.

m-sport stobart world rally team

the backbone of the british team at the 2011 rally in sweden will be norwegian riders mads ostberg and henning solberg, who will try to earn in the scandinavian race the maximum number of points, and the third car will sit behind the wheel of briton matthew wilson. last sunday, ostberg and wilson tried their new fiesta rs wrc for the first time, although the latter already has experience with this rally car, albeit with a different modification. solberg skated test runs a day later on monday.

mads ostberg: “i already got acquainted with the fiesta s2000 in the first two stages of the norwegian championship and it seems to me that the fiesta rs wrc will be almost the same, though more powerful. rally in sweden, with its fast and smooth roads, is one of my favorite rallies, and i am confident that we will be able to show good results at our home stage. "

henning solberg: “it is on the snow that i feel most comfortable driving a rally car, so the stage in sweden is ideal for me in terms of driving the new fiesta rs wrc. last year i really enjoyed piloting the fiesta s2000 and i have a good feeling that we won't have any problems with the new car. of course, having ridden the fiesta s2000, i feel confident today, because i have had a positive experience. "

matthew wilson: “we are starting this season with one of the fastest rallies this year, so our challenge will be to reach top speed from day one. it won't be easy, of course, because we have a completely new car, but we have completed an extensive fiesta rs wrc test program, which will benefit us. rally in sweden - this is one of my favorite stages, very fast, but this year we all have a jump into the unknown. " i don't think any tests could fully prepare us for what will happen. "

ken block: “the car exceeded all my expectations. i really didn't know what to think about this 1.6-liter turbocharged engine and the power it develops, but i was piloting a fiesta s2000 and can say now that the car is very fast. it has many possibilities, but i just haven't had time to study them in full. but i am trying to do this. it is fun, but i still have many miles to go to get the most out of it. ”

however, ken also needs to be careful not to crash his car. spare parts for american cars quite expensive, given the team's low budget.

ice 1 racing

the ice 1 racing team (operated by citroen racing) prepared for their world championship debut with intense tests in sweden last month, during which kimi raikkonen drove about 250 kilometers. it was there that the ex-champion of formula 1 tested the new rally citroen ds3 wrc, painted in black and white. in addition to the short time spent behind the wheel of the french novelty, the raikkonen's preparation was also hampered by food poisoning that happened to the racer last week, after which he was forced to lie for two days in the hospital in his homeland and thus skip the presentation ceremony of his new motocross team ...

ferm power tools world rally team

another newcomer to wrc, the danish team ferm power tools world rally team, is making its debut in sweden. before leaving for the m-sport base in the uk to drive a fiesta rs wrc for the first time, dennis kuipers attended a winter driving school in norway founded by former wrc racer john hoagland. last sunday at tests in sweden, the rider had to be pretty nervous.

dennis kuipers: “sweden requires a special approach. it is absolutely natural for my scandinavian colleagues to perform in snowy conditions. but i come from the netherlands. we only have snow sometimes, so i looked for other training opportunities. "

team abu dhabi

actually spun off from the main factory team ford abu dhabi world rally team, team abu dhabi will first appear in wrc in 2011 with the only car to be piloted by khalid al -kasimi (khalid al qassimi). the uae rider, along with his co-driver, michael orr, tried out his new rallicar during tests in sweden on monday. both of them have a lot of experience in the snow-covered stages and many still remember their victorious jump on the colin springboard on the sous vargasen in 2008.

халид аль-кассими: «я с нетерпением ожидаю начала сезона, чтобы попробовать свои силы в швеции с новой машиной. она не похожа ни на какую другую из тех, что мне довелось пилотировать в wrc до сих пор. мне интересно получить этот новый опыт, принять новый вызов. у нас большие надежды на этот сезон, нашим участием мы хотим изменить этот чемпионат».

petter solberg world rally team

команда petter solberg world rally team приняла решение изменить раскраску своих машин и наняла дополнительный техперсонал для более плодотворной работы в 2011 году, выполнив тем самым условия договора с citroen racing о поставках команде раллийных машин. сольберг испытал свой ds3 wrc всего один раз в ходе тестов в швеции в прошлом месяце, но остался очень доволен машиной. этот период был сложным для единственного норвежского чемпиона по ралли: помимо поиска денег для участия в чемпионате в 2011 году, сольберг также поехал на ралли монте-карло, где выступал за рулем peugeot 207 super 2000, и боролся за подиумное место, однако неполадки с электропроводкой не позволили ему добраться до финиша ралли.

петтер сольберг: «плохо конечно, что тестовых заездов у нас было мало, но у меня не было выбора, но я должен продолжать свое дело и стараться делать все, что в наших силах. я думаю, что в этом сезоне нас будет ждать успех, появились новые правила и конкуренция станет более жесткой, чем когда-либо, что привлечет большее число автопроизводителей. в прошлом году мы финишировали в топ-3 чемпионата и я был очень рал этому, потому что команда работала на износ и заслужила такого результата. я делаю все, что в моих силах, чтобы не спасовать перед «большими ребятами».

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