Психозы недели. Кошки-мышки

psychosis of the week. cat and mouse

galina akimova
i remember in my inaugural speech on may 19, 2019, which i listened with hope and even with tears of affection all ...
Кино эпохи карантина

movies of the quarantine era

galina akimova
tomorrow, september 4 , the first "quarantine" premiere - the film "mulan" by disney corporation, is released on virtual screens. which not long before eliminated ...
Коммунальная неразбериха

communal mess

galina akimova
than closer to the heating season, the denser the tangle of problems with subsidies, payments for utilities and the actual issues of heat supply. new ...
«Вмерло, так вмерло»: власть не знает, что делать с недостроями

"dead, so dead": the authorities do not know what to do with unfinished buildings

galina akimova
the rally of deceived developers dispersed by the police near the walls of the kiev park-type cultural center, where the congress of the “servant of the people” party was held on august 31, once again ...

"asphalt disease" of unemployment

galina akimova
quarantine is over, and unemployment continues to grow. the reason is not only that many citizens could not master the system of online filing ...
Растаможка автомобилей: сборник новых фантазий

customs clearance of cars: a collection of new fantasies

galina akimova
ukraine consumes a huge amount of new, and more often used cars. the availability of used cars has led to the fact that on the streets of ...
На мели


galina akimova
пока администрация морских портов пытается стащить с мели танкер delfi напротив пляжа «дельфин», в индийском океане раскололся японский танкер и…

minimum salary increase: a list of tricks

galina akimova
increase in the minimum wage (wage) to uah 5,000 from september, to uah 6,000 from january 1, 2021 and…
Типичный аргентинский дефолт

typical argentine default

galina akimova
last week argentina restructured $ 65 billion of external debt to private creditors. while she was charged 45% of the value of securities, ...
Подрезанные крылья

clipped fenders

galina akimova
crash figures in aviation are simply stunning. according to the iata forecast, the total losses of the world's airlines due to the pandemic will amount to $ 184 billion, and ...
Корабль последней газовой надежды

ship of the last gas hope

galina akimova
how optimistic names the authorities come up with in order to raise the mood of citizens when paying for utilities. how do you like the term "supplier of the latter ...
Золотая лихорадка обходит Украину стороной

gold rush bypasses ukraine

galina akimova
the gold price hit a new record high in its history in trading on august 3. the cost of a troy ounce of gold for the second time in a few ...
Большой аграрный обвал

large agricultural collapse

galina akimova
hard times have come for a great agrarian power. i don't understand why no one notices problems in the apk. although they are there. for…
Хроники коронакризиса-2. Падение «американского шкафа»

chronicles of coronacrisis-2. fall of the "american closet"

galina akimova
we continue to explore the crushing blow that the pandemic has inflicted on the global economy. in the last article we worked on the topic of europe and ukraine. two in ...
Бывший бодигард и партнеры умершего австрийского бизнесмена «отжимают» агрохолдинг в Украине у законных наследников

former bodyguard and partners of a deceased austrian businessman "squeeze" the agricultural holding into ...

dear black earth, pratsovite people, hard-pressed agrarian traditions - the ukrainian sylskoe government could become a klondike for foreign investors. ale natomist ...
Хроники коронавируса-1. Сестрам – по серьгам.

chronicles of coronavirus-1. sisters - by earrings.

galina akimova
the european union is on its own. again distributes money under special conditions. for its accumulates 1.8 trillion. euro, we have allocated the traditional 1,2 ...
Казино «Нью-Васюки» и пеликаны на пляже

casino "new vasyuki" and pelicans on the beach

galina akimova
with the adoption of the bill on the gambling business by the verkhovna rada, the press was full of headlines about ukrainian las vegas. lovers of exotic use chinese as an example ...
Банковские шалости-3. От объяснительной за депозит до конфискации по-английски

banking pranks-3. from explanatory for a deposit to confiscation in english

galina akimova
in two previous publications we talked about what problems have arisen recently in the so-called pep - persons, ...
Шевченко – Данилишин: кооператив несовпадений

shevchenko - danylyshin: cooperative of mismatches

galina akimova
парадокс в том, что с назначением кирилла шевченко главой нацбанка конфликт правления и совета нбу не исчерпывается. глава совета богдан…
Калорийный газ от почтальона Печкина

caloric gas from the postman pechkin

galina akimova
i don't know about you, and i have more and more the feeling that we live in a madhouse. from july 1 ...
Игра на Дуде

playing the dude

galina akimova
all day yesterday i expected someone to write a coherent article about the victory of the incumbent president in the second round of presidential elections in poland ...
Банковские шалости-2. Счета под прицелом

banking pranks-2. accounts at gunpoint

galina akimova
we continue the story about the strange behavior of banks with clients' money lately. we have already written about how "nightmares" are so…
Банковские шалости–1. Порочащие связи

banking pranks – 1. defamatory connections

galina akimova
the resignation of the head of the nbu, yakov smoliy, appeared at a very interesting moment: banks pursuing the new law on money laundering ...
Ставка на понижение–2. Конец игры в ОВГЗ

rate on a fall – 2. end of the game in ovgz

galina akimova
we continue to analyze the theme of the historical decision of the nbu: the discount rate has been reduced to a record level of 6%. slightly lower than on the eve of euromaidan. we ...

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