Локдаун и «дауны»

lockdowns and downs

galina akimova
один известный ресторатор написал на facebook: если закрыть рестораны и уличную торговлю на новогодние праздники, люди будут ходить в гости…
Свободная касса!

free box office!

galina akimova
yesterday, by a constitutional majority of 320 votes, draft law no. 4439-d was adopted, which the verkhovna rada postponed for one year the total introduction of cash …
Воздушные замки бюджета–2

air castles of budget – 2

galina akimova
in the previous article we talked about the fact that the budget revenues are going to be filled with virtual, if not frankly - mythical, ...
Воздушные замки бюджета–1

air castles of the budget – 1

galina akimova
only the lazy one did not rush to discuss the draft budget in the second reading on friday. we are not lazy and therefore decided to participate too ...
Дешево и сердито

cheap and cheerful

galina akimova
tomorrow will be a special day - black friday. people are already discussing today how they will board trading networks. and fear ...
Госказначейский детектив посреди коронавируса

state treasury detective in the midst of coronavirus

galina akimova
don't know , like you, but every day i feel a general information madhouse, where the population concerned about the coronavirus was locked ...
Украина в мировой торговле: спасение в примитивизме?

ukraine in world trade: salvation in primitivism?

galina akimova
amid the rcep agreement and the creation of a multilateral trade deal involving china and the countries of the asia-pacific region, everyone is talking about the prospects ... | || 189
Чужой газ в ПХГ «помог» повысить цены

someone else's gas in the underground gas holding "helped" to raise prices

another our assumption was confirmed. after another increase in gas prices in november, following similar surges in september and…
Почему МВФ может не дать нам денег?

why the imf may not give us money?

the country needs money, and the imf has started another game and may not give it. there are rumors that the stand-by program is actually ...
Хроники мирового кризиса. Стагфляция и деглобализация

chronicles of the global crisis. stagflation and de-globalization

galina akimova
while we were busy in our local elections, the world entered a phase of systemic crises. coronavirus affected not only the lives of citizens ...
Газовые страдания–4

gas suffering – 4

galina akimova
the heating season begins. someone might want to install a gas boiler for themselves. in previous articles we found out that now we can ...

drug problem

galina akimova
rumor has it that the october 25 questionnaire will include a decriminalization or legalization clause for marijuana. as stanislavsky would say: “i don’t believe!” ...
Газовые страдания–3

gas suffering – 3

galina akimova
we continue to study the paradoxes of the gas market, which the country received as a result of the reform. competition was somehow created, but its main advantage is a decrease ...
Карантин так карантин

quarantine so quarantine

galina akimova
how symbolic: the traditional "nobel week" ends in stockholm on october 12, and on the same day ukrainian universities are transferring to distance learning,…
Прогулка к банкомату

walk to the atm

galina akimova
yesterday's ukraine-eu summit was probably the shortest of all 22 such events. it began at 17:15 in kiev. through ...
Дорогие наши ОВГЗ: проценты снова растут

our dear ovgs: percentages are growing again

galina akimova
ukraine finance ministry starts raising interest rates on ovgz. nothing surprising - everything is just as we predicted: after the discount rate cut…
Бюджетный портной

budget tailor

galina akimova
how to fulfill and overfulfill the budget in the conditions of post-quarantine economic decline? very simple: you need to adjust the planned income indicators towards a decrease ...
Земельный беспорядок

land disorder

galina akimova
суета с рассмотрением в конституционном суде закона о рынке земли не случайно происходит именно в эти дни. изначально продажу земли…
Государство выдавливает граждан в «кэш»

the state squeezes citizens into the "cache"

galina akimova
ну что, доигрались? по статистике за восемь месяцев текущего года объем наличных денег в обороте вне банковской системы вырос почти…
Спасительная семечка

saving seed

galina akimova
in the initial version of the draft state budget for 2021, it is proposed to allocate uah 4.2 billion to support farmers. to the final reading figure ...
Операция «АнтиЛох»

operation "antiloch"

galina akimova
a little less than a month - from september 1, 2020 year - the nbu decree on full disclosure of information on consumer loans is in force ...
Прощайте, офисы!

goodbye, offices!

galina akimova
two of my school friends - one works in the sales department of a pharmaceutical company in ukraine, the second moved to germany and ... || | 277
Не всё то золото, что блестит...

not all that glitters is gold ...

galina akimova
stable every few years a financial pyramid appears in ukraine. it invariably collapses, after which the crowds of deceived depositors with tears ...
Жажда погубила урожай

thirst ruined the harvest

galina akimova
после обнародования на последнем кабмине прогноза о снижении урожайности на 7 млн. тонн эта тема широко обсуждается в сми. все…

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