Размышления по поводу 75-летнего юбилея

reflections on the 75 year old anniversary

jens jørgen nielsen
in early may, many of us celebrated the 75th anniversary of the defeat of nazism. we in denmark celebrate the liberation on may 4-5, while ...
Украина и столкновение цивилизаций

ukraine and the clash of civilizations

william s. smith
instead of financing the war in ukraine, creating the threat of a larger conflict, the leaders of the leading states need to take a step back and ...
Коррупция в Дарницком районе Киева. Ничего не изменилось

коррупция в дарницком районе киева. ничего не изменилось

in recent years, corruption in public procurement in the darnytskyi district has become for many journalists and social activists already "the talk of the town." for…
Украинские парадоксы

ukrainian paradoxes

frantisek skvrnda
in february has already marked six years since the coup d'etat in ukraine. over the past time it has become quite clear that the maidan ...
Чрезвычайное положение на Украине и риск краха государства

the state of emergency in ukraine and the risk of state collapse

christelle neant
amid the continued spread of coronavirus in ukraine, a state of emergency was introduced in the most affected regions, and in kiev ...
Цена мира в Донбассе

the price of peace in donbass

thomas graham, joseph haberman
ukrainian president vladimir zelensky on his post made a bid to end the war with pro-russian rebels in the donbass in the east of the country,…
В тени газового кризиса

in the shadow of the gas crisis

frantisek skvrnda || | 188
energy as a security issue has been discussed only in recent years. energy and exhaustible resources that are closely related to issues ...
Солдаты, которые убивали детей ради самообороны

soldiers who killed children in self-defense

martin aagаrd
when ss killer otto ohlendorf was brought to trial in nuremberg, he was asked about the motives for the methodical extermination of the jewish population of europe ...
“Украина увязла в схемах олигархов”. СМИ Италии о коррупции Коломойского

“украина увязла в схемах олигархов”. сми италии о коррупции коломойского

from the editors of “vesti.ua”: igor kolomoisky and gennady bogolyubov became the heroes of an article in the italian edition of faro di roma. which is typical, faro di…
Конец мифа о путинском преемнике

the end of the myth about putin's successor

vladimir y. (vladimir j.)
a dramatic day in moscow brought more questions than answers. yesterday at vladimir putin's, whom we used to see balanced, as if…
Куда идешь ты, Украина?

where are you going, ukraine?

dezider stefunko
in april a year has passed since comedian vladimir zelensky was elected the new president of ukraine. he received more than 73% of the votes ...
"Смотрящие" помогут учительнице руководить архитектурой

"overseers" will help the teacher to manage the architecture

reasonable administrative-bureaucratic the institute of ukraine (the new maybutnya was reformed as dabi) showed the best progress in the system "turbo mode" and in three days spent ...
Стадное мышление вновь на подъеме

herd thinking is on the rise again

george beebe
the war between ukraine, russia and pro-russian separatists in the ukrainian donbass has been going on for six years. today she claimed the lives of 13 ...
Как Андриевский и Кияшко обкрадывают Украину

how andrievsky and kiyashko rob ukraine

december 18 the company "kievmetrostroy ”announced an attempted raider takeover, owned by a citizen of russia - sergei kiyashko. the purpose of the seizure is…
Будет ли вовлечена Французская республика в офшорное отмывание денег для Степанова?

will the french republic be involved in offshore money laundering for ...

recently in france, an event took place that is directly related to ukraine. and we are not talking about a meeting in the "normandy format". speech ...
«Украгейт» — государственная измена или здравый смысл?

"ukragate" - high treason or common sense?

walter russell mead
ukragate, as before, rushagate is not just an internal political scandal; it is also a foreign policy confrontation of historical proportions. most of the american ...
Нерешительные шаги к миру

half-hearted steps towards peace

nathan hodge
ukraine and russia managed to move forward in the long-frozen peace process, taking cautious steps towards ending the conflict in…
Прокурор Александр Харлов: досье на оборотня

prosecutor alexander kharlov: werewolf dossier

oleksandr kharlov - lyudin is obviously new in the prosecutor's office, albeit good, see me, i know that i’m right, let me see ...
Война на Украине должна закончиться

the war in ukraine must end

lyle j. goldstein
if you listen to american diplomats who have recently come to capitol hill as a parade, that is, “clearly and obvious "...
Коррупционный рай замглавы КГГА

corruption paradise of the deputy head of the kgga

ruslan yakushev
situation in the city of kiev in the field of urban construction and infrastructure continues to deteriorate, the "schematics" of mr. klitschko and his subordinate leaders of utilities ...
Как Украина стала домом для лидеров ИГИЛ

how ukraine became a home for the leaders of the isil

оливер кэрролл (oliver carroll)
when it comes to extreme forms of terrorism, al bara shishani is famous for it. as far as we know, he held the post ...
Для Уолл-стрит Россия стала «пуленепробиваемой»

russia has become "bulletproof" for wall street

kenneth rapoza
sorry haters, but putin's stock market is better than si, better than trump's. and to blame for this ...
1989-2019: как распад СССР перевернул все на Западе

1989-2019: how the collapse of the ussr turned everything in the west

sylvie kauffmann
"what the hell did you forget in kansas city?" - jacques chirac shouted into the phone. it was september 12, 2001, and ...
Что на самом деле импичмент может поведать об Украине

what impeachment can actually tell about ukraine

hunter derensis
on the first day of the first public impeachment hearings since the 1990s, something very disturbing happened. chairman of the chamber committee ...

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