Неонацистская группировка продолжает действовать

neo-nazi group continues to operate

ukrainian movement the abc, which the state department calls a “nationalist misanthropic group,” posts ads, organizes violent actions and spreads far-right ideas. despite attempts ...
День защитника Украины под знаком откровенного нацизма

day of the defender of ukraine under the sign of outright nazism

christelle neant
14 октября, в день защитника украины в киеве прошла антисемитская акция против владимира зеленского в рамках марша упа, тогда как…
Как Матиас Руст способствовал распаду СССР

how matthias rust contributed to the collapse of the ussr

f. vukovic (f. vukoviс)
this story is from the category "obvious - incredible". at that time, this incident, in a sense, even predetermined the fate of the soviet union! ...
MH17: почему до сих пор Киев не наказан за систематическую ложь?

mh17: why is kiev still not punished for systematic ...

christelle neant
in 2018, vyacheslav, on condition of anonymity, gave an interview to dutch journalist stefan beck. then he arrived in donetsk after the exchange ...
Под видом реорганизации СБУ власть пытается выстроить систему коррупционных поборов

under the guise of reorganizing the sbu, the authorities are trying to build a system of corruption extortions

several high-profile scandals at once involving the sbu leadership have erupted literally in the last few weeks. taking into account the level of officials who have become ...
Эволюция недостоинства: «дела Майдана» прилипли к рукам Сытника

evolution of unworthiness: "maidan affairs" stuck to the hands of the sytnik

volodymyr boyko
17 lipnya 2020 to the rock of valor, the national anti-corruption bureau of ukraine has once again pleased the ukrainian paysites with their labor successes. ilya dikov, a defendant in corruption scandals and a former "regional" wants to go back ...
Фигурант коррупционных скандалов и бывший "регионал" Илья Диков хочет снова стать мэром Вишневого - от "Слуги народа"

фигурант коррупционных скандалов и бывший "регионал" илья диков хочет снова...

колишній регіонал ілля діков немає наміру втрачати крісло мера міста вишневе. щоб втілити свої політичні амбіції, він через свого кума…
Главой Киевской таможни может стать известный коррупционер Сличко

a well-known corrupt official slychko may become the head of kiev customs

перерозподіл впливу та грошових потоків на митниці – тема номер один у владному істеблішменті. всіма правдами і, в основному, неправдами…
"Свиньи и дегенераты"

"pigs and degenerates"

christelle neant
july 13 militants the 35th brigade of the armed forces tried to approach the positions of the dpr people's militia units. as a result, one of the militants was blown up ...
Пропавшее без вести глобальное лидерство

missing global leadership

daniel franklin
a few weeks after the japanese attack on pearl harbor, winston churchill was a guest at the white house. president franklin roosevelt wanted so badly ...
Мост, связавший португальских и украинских неонацистов

the bridge that connected the portuguese and ukrainian neo-nazis

ricardo cabral fernandes
now the organization almost does not exist in portugal, but earlier in the country there were at least a dozen of its members, and namely ...
Доллару конец?

dollar is over ?

when the "coronacrisis" had just begun, the euro rate rushed down - out of fear that a pandemic could lead to another existential ...
О справедливости и свободе дискуссий

on fairness and freedom of discussion

an open letter has appeared in harpers magazine condemning censorship and public condemnation amid the black lives matter protests. under it ...
Пять причин, почему Зеленского на Украине ждет провал

five reasons why zelensky will fail in ukraine

melinda haring
poor vladimir zelensky. in april 2019, the comedian presidential candidate took the top position in ukraine, receiving almost three ...
Подопытная Украина

experimental ukraine

bogdan matvienko
still, churchill was not quite right when he argued that "generals are always preparing for the last war." right now in post-soviet ...
Почему Путин прав

why putin is right

nigel gould-davies
in his long article published in this magazine last week, vladimir putin outlined his views on the reasons for the start ...
Апологет таможенных «схем» Андрей Андрейкив рвется в новые реформаторы

apologist for customs "schemes" andrei andreykiv is eager to become new reformers

to sit on tiny penny streams, to flow from mitnitsa, in the budget, right up to a dozen of people, ... || | 242
Украина: призыв к стерилизации безработных и ода коллаборационизму

ukraine: a call for sterilization of the unemployed and an ode to collaboration

christelle neant
запад уверен, что во власти на украине нет неонацистов, а утверждения об этом являются лишь жуткой российской пропагандой. судите сами.…
Где лучше жить?

where is it better to live?

mititaka hattori
for quite a long time, the faces of foreign workers have been increasingly flickering in moscow and other large cities of russia. russians are not coming ...
Фактические уроки 75-й годовщины Второй мировой войны

actual lessons from the 75th anniversary of world war ii

vladimir putin
75 years have passed since the great patriotic war ended. several generations have grown over the years. the political map of the planet has changed. no soviet ...
Пародия на суд вынесет решение по делу MH17

mock trial to judge mh17 case

stefan lindgren
десятого июня продолжились слушания в суде гааги, в ходе которых должен быть вынесет вердикт по делу о сбитом над донбассом…
Процесс по делу MH17: спутниковые снимки и данные с радаров не предоставлены

the trial in the mh17 case: satellite images and radar data ...

florian rotzer
june 8-10 at the court complex at amsterdam airport schiphol the next court hearings were held within the framework of the trial started in march on ...
Дело МН17: США отказались предоставлять спутниковые данные

case m17: the united states refused to provide satellite data

christelle neant || | 276
the united states has informed the dutch prosecutor's office that they will not be able to provide declassified satellite images that allegedly capture the launch moment ...
"Я ждал войны..."

"i was waiting for the war ..."

vladimir zelensk ий
last year on may 20, i was surrounded by a crowd of people who came to see my inauguration. they shook my hand, greeted me, and ...

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